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Mother-daughter duo taking handmade soap biz to next level

One-and-a-half years back Parul Golas started making soaps with a budget of Rs2 lakhs. Today, it has evolved into a successful startup wherein soaps are handcrafted as per will & wish of customers

Mother-daughter duo taking handmade soap biz to next level

Mother-daughter duo taking handmade soap biz to next level

Immense passion and interest comes automatically for these women who make and sell nature-friendly soaps, bathing gels and other kind of products which are completely free from chemicals. Started one and a half years back, Parul Golas always had a dream of making handmade soaps and to propagate them among people. "I have a lot of passion for making soaps and have always dreamt of making them with natural products. With the unconditional support of my family and friends, I have become a very successful entrepreneur and very proud to represent them with my success in this competitive market," says Parul Golas, owner of Sciian Suds and More.

Marketing in the starting stages was very difficult as the product had to be popularized as per the needs and wishes of the customer. The owner started with a budget of Rs 2 lakhs and started making soaps at home. Her daughter, Anushka Golas also helped in making soaps which evolved gradually into a very successful startup wherein soaps were handcrafted as per the customers' wish and will. After gaining momentum, products were advertised on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and others. The company also started home delivery service wherein the customer can call and purchase the desired product.

The raw materials are brought from different vendors coming from places like Gujarat (soap bases, colours), Mumbai and Delhi (bottles) wherein the owner prepares them at home using natural products like Alovera, neem, lemon tea and many others. Since there have been no obstacles in bringing the raw materials, the making process became easier and slowly many naturally-made soaps were prepared according to the customers' wish. After the soaps are ready they are experimented by the owner, for 21 days in order to avoid any kind of discrepancies in terms of suiting the skin and many other aspects. After that they are further shipped to various places.

"We make soaps which are completely safe and chemical-free and we ensure that natural byproducts are used for various kinds of skin," says Parul Golas. During the selling process majority of people have been preferring, fragrant flavours like rose, lavender, chocolate, fruit flavours and many more. The owner believes that the customer's demands should be kept in mind in order to take a startup to great heights and make a mark in this competitive world.

The company keeps its consumer's wish and makes customized soaps to make every kind of occasion very special for people. For example, soaps made out in baby shapes, ice-cream, donuts, photo-framed soaps, festivals and many more varieties. The owner excels in preparing the best variety of soaps according to the occasion with natural products, which stand out in the wide market of soap making.

There is even a medicated soap, which has got Alovera, neem, lemon tea and other natural ingredients. "We make soaps in different shapes, designs, combinations and patterns according to the customer's wish. We infuse the natural products inside the soaps for a healthy and glowing skin," says Parul.

The very famous and mostly nature-friendly ingredients are muleti powder which is good for skin tan and other products like besan, turmeric powder, chandan, neem essence are used for the ubtan mixture. A unique combination of Lavender and rose is made with goat milk for sensitive skin and a mix of leaves of roses, mango and guava is also a rare combination which is not available in the market. Like this there are many eco-friendly raw materials which are prepared by the entrepreneurs which are completely handcrafted with love and affection.

Aparajitha Vishwas Saikumar
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