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‘GenAI will speed up drug discovery’

This is all about the democratisation of GenAI and India is a great place for this, says Dr Rowland Illing, Director & CMO, AWS

‘GenAI will speed up drug discovery’

New Delhi: Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform drug discovery and healthcare delivery in a country like India which has top-level medical experts with the right kind of experience in this new-age technology, a top Amazon Web Services (AWS) executive has said.

Dr Rowland Illing, Director and Chief Medical Officer, International Public Sector Health, AWS, said that they are delighted to support the Indian Government and the Union Health Ministry in building next-generation healthcare solutions for the population.

“There is an incredible opportunity because India is such a great technology-based country with some real experts at great health-tech companies. We have a great team working in India with the Indian Government and at the state level as well. GenAI with Cloud has the true potential to transform the healthcare industry in India,” Dr Illing said on the sidelines of the AWS re:Invent conference in the US last week.

The Covid-19 pandemic saw the rapid emergence of AI and Machine Learning (ML) in providing timely and quality healthcare for millions. Healthtech startup created a niche for itself with advanced technology that reads and interprets medical images like X-rays, CTs, and ultrasounds in less than a minute, making equitable and high-quality healthcare a reality across the globe.

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