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Land value in Hyderabad grows 20X in 10 yrs: KTR

The infrastructure development seen in Hyderabad now is just a trailer, get ready to see full movie in the future, says BRS Working President

Land value in Hyderabad grows 20X in 10 yrs: KTR

Hyderabad: The land value in Hyderabad has increased more than 10-20 times during the last one decade, said BRS Working President KT Rama Rao while addressing the Telangana Builders Association members in Hyderabad. He added that the value of lands increased not just in Hyderabad but across Telangana under Chief Minister K Chradrashekar Rao’s governance.

“Stable government and able leadership has played a key role in bringing development in the State,” said KTR. “Karnataka celebrated Diwali in darkness due to power cuts. So, the voters shall decide whether they want power in the State or Congress party in power,” he claimed.

KTR further said that Naxalism prevailed in the Telangana region during the Congress government. He said that Congress failed to give water, jobs, and any kind of social and economic security which encouraged a few to join naxalism.

"For Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi, there are 28 States and Telangana is one amongst them. But for BRS, Telangana is the only State. They want to win in Telangana but we want Telangana to win. That’s the difference,” he said.

"Congress party leaders are talking about beautifying the Musi River but they should realise that the river was in bad condition due to their incompetence," KTR said, adding that Hyderabad was the economic engine of Telangana which generates 45-50 per cent of revenue and hampering its growth will have an impact on the growth of the entire State.

He said that despite losing two years and bearing losses worth Rs 1-lakh-crore due to Covid-19, the development in the State continued under the leadership of KCR. Two more years went into elections and the BRS government only had six and a half years to govern in the past two terms. It could bring major development in the State which Congress couldn’t do during six decades.

Recalling his words from 2014 during the State formation, KTR said that he appealed to the people of Telangana to buy lands and not sell. Reiterating the same lines, KTR said, “The infrastructure development you see in Hyderabad now is just a trailer. You will see the full movie in the future.”

Talking about the plans for Hyderabad, KTR said that the new Hyderabad will be developed between Outer Ring Road and Regional Ring Road. He said that the regional ring road with 330 km will connect Bhongir, Choutuppal, Shadnagar, Sangareddy, and other areas.

KTR said that Beijing had five ring roads. With RRR coming into place, Hyderabad will have three ring roads. "The State government plans to come up with one more ring road to make it easy for people to commute to Hyderabad. In the coming term, we will ensure daily water supply and also 24-hour water supply in the future," he said.

He said that Telangana is seen as a progressive state and has no communal riots or other disturbances, and hence investments from other states and countries are coming here. He appealed to the people to ensure they cast their valuable vote on November 30.

“If you want the progress and development story to continue, vote for BRS in the coming election,” KTR urged the voters.

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