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‘Construction to become mechanised in 10 years’

Con-tech will not lead to unemployment as labourers will be trained with the skills needed to work on pre-cast, shear wall technologies: CII TS Chairman C Shekar Reddy

Shekar Reddy

Shekar Reddy

CII Telangana is organizing South Asia’s largest construction equipment exhibition, ExCon 2023, in Bangalore from Dec 12-16, 2023

♦ The expo is expected to attract over 1,200 exhibitors and 80,000 business visitors from India and other countries

Hyderabad: The shortage of skilled workers, high labour cost, drop in productivity, the need for speedy construction while maintaining quality and, cost effectiveness, is leading to faster adaption of technology in the construction industry. In the next five to 10 years, conventional method of construction will be completely overtaken by mechanisation and every building will be manufactured using pre-cast and shear wall technologies, in Hyderabad. Implementation of these technologies will not lead to increase in unemployment instead, by providing training in the skill needed to work in a factory setting, will promote labourers into the organised sector, says CII Telangana.

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) had organised a roadshow in the city to announce South Asia’s largest construction equipment exhibition, ExCon 2023. The expo is scheduled to take place from December 12 – 16, 2023, at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre. The five-day exhibition, spread over 30 lakh sq ft, is likely to attract over 1,200 exhibitors and 80,000 business visitors from India and other countries.

Speaking to Bizz Buzz, C Shekar Reddy, Chairman, CII-Telangana, said: “The construction sector needs to be mechanised to improve productivity, sustainability and cost effectiveness. During covid, we could manage the quality and supervision of construction projects only through implementation of technology. However, the adoption of technology and companies working on them is very negligible right now. But, in the next five-10 years, every building will be made using pre-cast and shear wall technology.”

On the technology trends and its benefits, Reddy said that, pre-cast and shear wall technologies combined with 3D printing are supporting sustainable construction by avoiding wastage at construction site and pollution, besides being cost-effective. Building Information Modelling software also supports in reducing wastage during and post-construction. Pre-engineering of factories is bringing down the construction time from few years to around six to nine months, he pointed out.

CII-Telangana also entered a MoU with National Academy of Construction, Hyderabad to provide training and upskill the industry members in related trades of construction industry.

On mechanisation leading to displacement of labourers, Reddy highlighted that, “In Singapore, along with constructing a room in the factory, the interior fittings is also done there. Singapore is more advanced. The blocks are lifted and assembled at the site through internal locking mechanism. A skilled worker is needed to complete these tasks. However, it will not lead to unemployment of labourers at the construction site as they will undergo training in the manufacturing of buildings at these factories, leading to a better work life.”

Developers and builders in every city of India are mechanising construction, on where is Hyderabad positioned, Reddy said, “Hyderabad is known as the second tall buildings city, followed after Mumbai, this self-explains the usage of technology in the construction of buildings. Compared to property projects abroad, club houses constructed in Hyderabad are top-notch. Moreover, companies having parent office in the US have acknowledged that their centres present in Hyderabad are superior in all terms, compared to their headquarters back home.”

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