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BJP projected to win Rajasthan

BJP projected to win Rajasthan

BJP projected to win Rajasthan

New Delhi The BJP is set to score a decisive victory in Congress-ruled Rajasthan in the upcoming Assembly elections, as per ABP C-Voter Rajasthan Opinion Poll. The snap poll data with sample size of 1,885 projects that the BJP will win 114 seats in the 200 member Rajasthan Assembly. This is a gain of 41 seats from the previous election where the BJP had got 73 seats. The Congress on the other hand is projected to end up with a tally of 83 seats, down 17 seats from the previous tally of 100. The BJP is riding on a massive 7 per cent vote swing in its favour which will increase the seat tally by 41 seats. BJP is projected to get 45.8 per cent vote share up from 38.8 per cent in the previous election.

The Congress is also gaining vote share by 1.7 per cent and is projected to get 41 per cent vote share. It is a two horse race and the BJP and Congress are gaining vote share from BSP and Others category which is seeing a negative swing of 9 per cent. This is where the vote share gains for BJP and Congress are accruing from.

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