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Amboli to become new international tourist destination

Amboli to become new international tourist destination

Hyderabad: Amboli, a hill station in Sindhudurg District and also known for Cherapunji of Maharashtra, will soon become an international tourism destination attracting tourists not only from Maharashtra and India but also from the world due to its rich bio-diversity, serene nature and wildlife, said Deepak Kesarkar, Minister of Education and Marathi Language, Government of Maharashtra at the inauguration of the first Varsha Mahotsav (Monsoon Festival).

Kesarkar stated that Amboli is known for the highest rainfalls could be well-developed as a round-the-year tourism destination by introducing new-age tourism activities such as adventure tourism, jungle safaris, hang gliding.

Government of Maharashtra under Directorate of Tourism organising the Monsoon festival in association with Sindhudurg District Administration and Gram Panchayat of Amboli. The festival will go on till August 16, 2023 and expected to attract tourists, tour operators from Andhra Pradesh.

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