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AIG Hospitals hosts healthcare summit

AIG Hospitals hosts healthcare summit

Hyderabad: AIG Hospitals hosted ‘AIG AI in Healthcare Summit,’ in Hyderabad on Wednesday. Experts from healthcare, technology, and government attended to discuss the implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in reshaping the healthcare for patient care.

Delivering the welcome address, Dr D Nageshwar Reddy, Chairman, AIG Hospitals, shed light on the rapidly evolving technological ecosystem. He emphasised on the role that AI is poised to play in revolutionising medical care. “The exponential growth of technology necessitates our collective learning to craft optimal patient solutions. AI stands poised to augment diagnoses, trim hospital stays, and deliver personalised treatments,” the Chairman said.

The Telangana Minister for IT, D Sridhar Babu, underscored the significance of AI’s infusion into the healthcare fabric. Highlighting AI’s swiftness in diagnoses and efficient resource management, Babu stressed on the indispensability of joint endeavors between government bodies, healthcare institutions, and tech luminaries to harness the potential of AI fully.

The discussions at the summit included topics such as ethical considerations surrounding AI’s deployment in healthcare, need for robust regulatory frameworks, and the responsible integration of AI within the healthcare ecosystem. In one of the session, Rajiv Kumar, Managing Director, Microsoft India, demonstrated the practical applications of ChatGPT in clinical scenarios. Attending the event were experts including gastroenterologist Dr Prateek Sharma, Dr B V R Mohan Reddy, Anil Chalamalasetty, Dr Sravanthi Parasa, Dr Vineet Ahuja, Dr Anthony Vipin Das, Prof S K Mishra, and Dr G V Rao.

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