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AEEE to tie up with AP on energy conservation drive

Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy supports policy implementation and enables the energy efficiency market in India

Dr Satish Kumar

Dr Satish Kumar

Vijayawada: Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy (AEEE), New, Delhi has declared that it will tie up with Andhra Pradesh State Energy Conservation Mission (APSECM) to achieve its energy saving initiatives.

In view of the ambitious targets of net zero emissions by 2070 and reduction of one billion tonnes of CO2 by 2030 set by Government of India to address climate change, Dr Satish Kumar, president and Executive Director of AEEE on Sunday opined that it’s high time for all the State Governments including Andhra Pradesh to take strong initiatives towards energy efficiency and conservation.

Energy conservation contributes over 50 per cent for addressing the severe challenge of climate change and helps for betterment of nation’s economy and posterity. As part of series of meetings with prominent organisations at national level to take insights in the energy efficiency field, APSECM officials interacted with AEEE, an organisation that supports policy implementation and enables the energy efficiency market in India and works on creating awareness about energy efficiency. In this context, impressed with the tangible results of Andhra Pradesh in the area of energy conservation and efficiency, Dr Satish Kumar lauded the unique initiative of involving all the government departments through constitution of energy conservation (EC) cells. “The purpose of energy conservation cell is a thoughtful step by AP to encourage efficient use of energy, ensure reduction of energy consumption as well as electricity bills by effectively implementing energy conservation an energy efficiency activities so that economical burden shall be reduced among the government departments.”

It’s good to know that 9 secretariat departments, 33 HODs and over 70 autonomous organisations have constituted energy conservation cells so far in Andhra Pradesh, he said.

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