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India needs to be competitive in mfg sector: Jaishankar

India needs to be competitive in mfg sector: Jaishankar

The fact that we actually neglected manufacturing in this country. That in many ways, we did not give the kind of support to our manufacturers, especially our small and medium enterprises - S Jaishankar, External Affairs Minister

New Delhi: Boosting India’s domestic manufacturing and the overall economy will provide much more resources in its foreign policy toolkit to expand the country’s influence globally and compete with China on the economic front, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said.

In an exclusive interview to PTI, Jaishankar said India under the leadership of Prime Minister NarendraModi has been focusing on enhancing domestic manufacturing in the last 10 years as there was a neglect of the sector before 2014 that created many problems for the country.

Lack of focus in the past on the manufacturing sector is linked to the upward trajectory in India-China trade.

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