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Electric Bike Taxi Scheme Cancellation in Karnataka

Karnataka Govt electric bike taxi scheme withdrawal: The notice brings attention to the potential abuse of the programme and states that the authorities have detected infractions, namely the conversion of non-transport bikes—those with whiteboards—into bike taxis.

Electric Bike Taxi Scheme Cancellation in Karnataka

Government Decision on Electric Bike Taxis in Karnataka

The Karnataka government has cancelled the Electric Bike Taxi Scheme that was implemented in 2021 after autorickshaw unions voiced their objections. On March 6, the Transport Department announced through a notification that they would be terminating the Karnataka Electric Bike Taxi Scheme 2021.

Karnataka Transportation Policies and Changes

In July 2021, the State Government, which was then headed by the BJP, launched the Electric Bike Taxi Scheme to improve connectivity on both the first and last miles. Authorities have allegedly become aware of violations, including the use of non-transport bikes (with whiteboards) as bike taxis, and the notice draws attention to the potential misuse of the scheme. Conflicts between car and taxi drivers over bike taxis are mentioned in the notice. It draws attention to incidents that pose a danger to women's safety and cause people to worry about maintaining law and order.

The committee headed by the Managing Director of Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) found that the bike taxi scheme did not achieve its goals. Despite the fact that Karnataka was the first state to adopt a policy allowing electric bike taxis in 2021, auto drivers in the state persisted in calling for their outlawage. Because of this, bike taxi riders in Bengaluru were targeted in incidents of intimidation and blocking.

According to a senior government official on the future of electric bike taxis in Karnataka-

“The department has noted the blatant misuse of the e-bike taxi scheme. Instead of electric bike taxis, there is a prevalence of other bikes and scooters being utilized as bike taxis. This misuse by aggregators has resulted in significant law-and-order concerns and safety issues, particularly for women. Hence, the Transport Department has decided to withdraw the scheme.”

Vineela Sekhar
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