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SP Robotics, McDonald's partner to host tech workshop for kids

To be held at 40 locations in Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad

SP Robotics, McDonald’s partner to host tech workshop for kids

SP Robotics, McDonald’s partner to host tech workshop for kids

Mumbai: SP Robotics Maker Lab, a chain of robotics and coding learning centres across India announced its partnership with McDonald's India West and South, owned and operated by Westlife Development, to launch the "Creative-Tech Workshop". The workshop will be a two-hour long session that will be held at a nearby McDonald's across 40 locations in Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad.

This STEAM-themed (Science Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) workshop will be loaded with fun activities for children between the age groups of 7 to 17. During the workshop the students will be provided with a take-away electronics and arts kit and taught about the basics of electronics, circuit building, LEDs, switches, and designing over four circuits with fun projects they can learn.

The workshop is carefully curated and aims to develop and strengthen their cognitive skills and instill the habit of practical learning in a collaborative environment. The approach helps develop cognitive abilities and aid them in the speed and quality of their problem-solving skills in children. The objective of the STEM workshop is to focus on logical thought processes and problem-solving allows students to develop mental habits that will help them succeed in any field.

Sneha Priya, Co-Founder of SP Robotics Maker Lab, said, "Every child is curious in their own way - for example one child might be meddling with remote control cars, one child would break and explore all the electronics in the house. Now the question is how to better mould the curiosity of these children? We want SP Robotics Maker Lab to be the platform where kids from any part of the country can enhance and develop their creative passion and help them discover themselves in a fun way."

Through the workshop, students can explore science and technology, allowing them to discover their passion for the future. Teaching them in a fun and practical way is extremely important to kindle interest and passion which will also boost their problem solving and other essential skills.

SP Robotic Works, a D2C (direct to consumer) company founded by Sneha Priya and Pranavan S, raised their Series A funding of $3 million in 2021. They have a hybrid model of learning online or from their Maker Labs (across 27 cities). It has an active community of students in the age group bracket of 7 to 17 innovating and solving problems in a practical way. It has designed reusable learning kits, enabling children to assemble, build algorithms and see their code in action through a robot or drone, making it more exciting and fun.

Kumud Das
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