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Price of diesel too crosses Rs 100 mark in Hyderabad

The price of diesel in Hyderabad crossed Rs 100 a litre mark on Thursday

Hike in petrol, diesel & LPG prices

Hike in petrol, diesel & LPG prices

Hyderabad, Oct 7 The price of diesel in Hyderabad crossed Rs 100 a litre mark on Thursday.

The oil companies on Thursday increased the prices of petrol and diesel increased by 32 paise and 38 paise, respectively. With the latest hike, the price of petrol in the city shot up to Rs 107.41 per litre and that of diesel to Rs 100.13 per litre.

It was on June 14 that the price of petrol had crossed Rs 100. Since then, the price of petrol has been hiked by nearly Rs 8 per litre while the price of diesel has gone up by almost Rs 5.

The price of premium petrol, the fuel with additives that is sold under different names by various petroleum companies, had already crossed Rs 100.

The fuel prices have been on a rise since May 4, and the cumulative increase has been to the tune of above Rs 13 in prices of petrol and above Rs 11 of diesel.

Oil companies have attributed the hike to the rally in oil prices in international market.

Among metros, Mumbai now has the highest petrol price at Rs 109.25 per litre, followed by Hyderabad at Rs 107.41.

The prices vary from state to state due to different rate of Value Added Tax (VAT) and also due to transportation charges from the nearest refinery.

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