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Vizag's IT firm makes global animation film

Noah's Ark movie was produced with an investment of $6

Vizags IT firm makes global animation film

Visakhapatnam: In a first of its kind, a city-based IT firm is making a complete 90-minute animation movie for a simultaneous release across the world next year.

The film made by the US and Brazilian co-producers Edward, Sumedha and Fabiano recently signed the agreement with the Symbiosys Technologies CEO O Naresh Kumar.

The company located at Rushikonda IT Park has forayed into a full service animation and VFX studio offering adaptable pipeline features, artist-friendly tools and virtual treat to each project. Over the years, it specialises in pre-production, 2D production, 3D/CGI and visual effects. "Noah's Ark is the movie which is produced with an investment of $6," Naresh Kumar told Bizz Buzz on Monday.

Already 20 distributors in 20 different countries have expressed interest to buy the movie for telecast rights across their countries. He said, "This is one among few high quality animation films produced in India and also first time in AP with an allocation of Rs 45 crore alone on animation." The film will be ready for release next year.

Animation of the film has started in India in 2022, while its preproduction has been launched in Brazil. "The film draws inspiration from ancient history when the world was flooded by non-stop rains and God allowed all creatures to be loaded into the Noah ark to survive the floods and a new world to start fresh with only these survivors," Naresh Kumar explained about the theme.

The film showcases the positive side of survival and adventure during these tough times with a humorous survival in the ark. For this film, a 200-KW solar power plant has already been set up at Rushikonda IT Park. This is the first time that an entire film is being produced on green energy. Very high-end computers costing about Rs 12 lakh each have been procured. A lot of VFX and SFX, water simulation, recreating an entire ocean and storm are being done as part of preparation for production of the movie.

"This is a very prestigious event for our city and State. It's also a matter of pride that two major firms in the US and Brazil have come forward to produce high-end global animated content from Andhra Pradesh," Naresh Kumar informed adding they have set up a new VFX live lab, a dubbing studio, a film lab with editing and Digital Intermediate (DI) facility to promote short films and ad shoots in Visakhapatnam on par or better than any studio in the country," he stated.

Santosh Patnaik
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