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Vedanta vows to cut GHG emissions by 25%

Vedanta vows to cut GHG emissions by 25%

Vedanta vows to cut GHG emissions by 25% 

New Delhi: Vedanta Aluminium, India's largest producer of aluminium has declared that its largest aluminium smelter has substantially reduced its GHG, or greenhouse gas emissions intensity (carbon footprint), by around 12 per cent in FY22 over the previous fiscal, while increasing production volume by 20 per cent.

On World Environment Day, Vedanta Aluminium committed to reduce GHG emissions intensity by 25 per cent by 2030, over FY21 baseline, as part of its climate action endeavours.

Historically, Vedanta Aluminium has reduced its GHG emissions intensity by 21 per cent in the 2012-21 period, while almost tripling its production in the same period.

Vedanta Aluminium has deployed a multi-pronged approach for combating climate change. This includes operating plants at high levels of operational efficiencies, increasing quantum of renewables in energy mix, and transitioning to cleaner fuels from fossil fuels. As a testimony to its climate action initiatives:

Vedanta Aluminium is the first from India to launch low carbon 'green' aluminium, branded Restora, whose carbon footprint is nearly half of the global threshold of 4 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per tonne of aluminium for low carbon aluminium.

Vedanta Aluminium is India's largest consumer of renewable energy, at 3 billion units in FY22. The company has signed a Power Delivery Agreement for 380 MW of renewable energy for its aluminium smelters. It has commissioned India's largest industrial electric fleet of 27 forklifts powered by lithium-ion batteries.

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