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Striving to be top healthcare solutions provider

The several cloud based soultions stand for client privacy and confidentiality, at the same time providing precise and dynamic patient information

Sanjeev Dahiwadkar

Sanjeev Dahiwadkar

Sanjeev has built several companies during the last 21 years, with minimal self-funded capital, that have grown organically. His successful entrepreneurial efforts are due to his experience in team-building, on-time quality deliverables within budget and "results are the bottom line" mentality.

Since 2016, Sanjeev is leading Cognota Healthcare Technology company with best-in-class offerings of products and services facilitating digital transformation journey of enterprises. Cognota Healthcare is relentlessly focused on meaningful innovation to improve people's well-being. "We offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions including Remote Patient Monitoring, Hospital Information System, Health Insurance Solution, Teleconsulting, and Claims Management and several more," says Sanjeev

This is an integrated IT platform that provides one roof solution to much critical functionality of various stakeholders operating in the healthcare space. Sanjeev says, "The platform creates an ecosystem where each individual stakeholder- be it a hospital or a health insurance company- can connect with each other as per their requirement. This leads to frictionless customer experiences based on insightful interactions."

"By leveraging this platform, an enterprise can get a real-time view of doctors and hospitals, labs and ambulances, health insurance companies, diagnostic centres, pharmacies, wellness centres in one dashboard. Such access enables seamless engagement among stakeholders in a secured environment without any latency," says Sanjeev.

About company's teleconsultation platform, Sajeev says, "This platform makes virtual health check-up that gives a feeling of the traditional hospital or clinic visit. The collaborative video solution enables doctors and medical staff - be it from hospitals or clinics - to deliver seamless healthcare experiences. This contactless digital interface not only rules out the contagion risks but can also converge more people into the consultation process.

With the deployment of Cognota's teleconsultation platform, this critical need for virtual care will now be realised and I will be able to serve many patients across geographies. As this platform has easy-to-use interfaces with automated documentation features, this will provide a holistic view of patient's medical history and will supplement the treatment process."

Leveraging secured digital technologies, this smart platform provides the option to store past consultations in secured cloud storage that can be accessed in the future. "This customisable healthcare solution can be rapidly scaled up as per clients' requirements. With inbuilt security features, our platform stands for client privacy and confidentiality. The platform comes with its set of secured APIs for easy integration with the Hospital Information Systems," points out Sanjeev.

About company's Hospital Information system (HIS), Sanjeev says, "This automates a whole range of operations including clinical, Electronic Medical Record (EMR), administrative, and inventory management functions performed by hospitals. Healthcare providers enjoy improved operational and cost efficiency through leveraging Cognota's HIS that is powered by customised informatics system. The solution operates in a secured cloud environment and can be integrated with the existing IT system of the hospital such as accounting, payroll, or sales seamlessly."

"Secured, remote access to various executive or management reports, starting from patient registration to cash flow statements, are useful for delivering quality patient care," claims Sanjeev.

One of the important facilities at Cognota's Health Insurance Organisation System is a comprehensive insurance software platform capable of handling reimbursement and cashless claims. "The solution provides operational gateway where all the claims, registrations, capitations, fee for service can be managed leading to faster claim processing and settlement. The system provides a bouquet of solutions to HIO's and third-party insurers. The solution has been very pivotal and widely adapted in various African markets, thus contributing immensely to healthcare and ancillary ecosystems," expresses Sanjeev.

Briefly sharing about Cognota Command Center, Sanjeev says, "This is a uniquely designed IoT-powered software solution that enables remote patient monitoring on one dashboard. The interface collects data from multiple specialty medical devices functioning in ICU and ward in a secured cloud environment and sends hemodynamic vital signs of patients collected from those devices to the hospital's information system on a real-time basis. Such critical inputs can be accessed by medical staff on any device remotely enabling them to make effective care decisions. The solution comes with easy-to-integrate APIs that function seamlessly with the hospital's existing information system with no latency.

Central monitoring and recording of data also helps in enhanced staff performance with huge cost savings. The developed system is a nice blend of hardware devices and software solutions that takes healthcare technology into the next orbit. The comapny's IoT-powered software solution 'Cognota Command Center' is enabling remote patient monitoring (RPM) of patients. This solution is gaining a lot of traction among healthcare providers in targeted geographies.

The company's teleconsultation platform has seen widespread adoption among health service providers to serve many patients during the pandemic period."

Sanjeev is also leading ITShastra, a global IT services provider and Center of Excellence. With more than 20 years and 40,00,000 hours experience on several hundred projects and products with highly motivated team of experts, the company has helped many companies across the globe to navigate their digital transformation journey with preciseness and agility."With efficient patient care at the heart of our company, we strive to be the industry leading global healthcare technology firm. We strive to create innovative business and technology solutions that enable enterprises in their digital transformation journey," concludes Sanjeev.

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