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Saree is still showstopper : Charu designing sarees with a fashionable and modern look

Charu is now available on digital platforms like Instagram and Facebook, and soon we shall come up with our own website. Social media has helped us get more clients. We regularly post our latest designs on this platform to update our old or new clients



One piece of clothing that expresses the heaviest of emotions is a saree which has been draped by women since centuries. Even now the beauty of emotions it expresses is the same and so is the association of emotions with it which seems to be never ending as it not only elicits the confidence of the one draping it but instills a sense of confidence too.

Not to mention the attention it garners in a crowd! Now more than ever it is making inroads as everyday wear. In a conversation with Bizz Buzz, Parvathi, owner of startup Charu, shares her inner feel of her love for art and fashion which inspired her to create new designer pattern sarees "It all started during my maternity leave. Being a working mother trying to chase her dreams and contributing to the society is not easy, but not impossible."

Charu's speciality, she says, is unique, is elegant and attractive as it is a combination of art with fashion which is delicately handcrafted and embroidered by weavers and artisans, who travel from clusters and communities from rustic parts of India and whose skill has passed down from generation to generation.

She said, "I combined my passion and design with an intent to create a comfortable and stylish apparel range for Indian women as I felt that there was a gap in market for something suited to the Indian so we use fabric of primarily fine materials blended with a touch of performance fabric to create a range that enhances the personality of a Indian woman."

Designing a saree with art technique gives a fashionable and modern look. Parvathi expressed "I tend to use a very intuitive process to dig out consumer insight, often standing with my own observations and then digging deeper to find out the power of art and clothing," and as we wanted to bring the art close to the hearts we work with extremely talented craftsmen and ensure the client gets the desired output for a good deal.

"I think consumers are increasingly being drawn by brands that are authentic, have a purpose and follow certain principles. It took time for me to bring my designs into the market. I worked on themes connected to art and this helped me a lot in the market."

She went on: "As word of mouth spread about my designs which are very special and not easy to find in the market and which expressed the beauty of art my customers increased and I sold my designs for reasonable prices. The customer's happiness and smile s spoke lots about my store. The way we communicate with our client is very important."

Digital media has become the best way to advertise any product easier and faster in today's generation. Parvathi said, "We are now available on digital platforms like Instagram and Facebook and soon we shall come up with our website. Social media has helped us get more clients. We regularly post our latest designs on this platform to update our old or new clients."

Talking about the feedback Parvathi said "We get mixed feedback from our clients. We try to look over it and bring out the latest trends in sarees with an eye catchy attire," shared Parvathi

Family she says plays a major role and gives us confidence and enthusiasm to start a business "We don't come from a business background, so we had to explore a lot before starting a business. When I made a proposal to starting a startup, it wasn't easy to convince everyone at my home. It took time but I did not give up."

"To start a business we need to plan the source of money and how to use it in a systematic and careful way. I applied for a personal loan of 3 lakhs and the loan got sanctioned easily. I opted for a personal loan, so am really not aware of the bottlenecks that are faced by budding or rather aspiring entrepreneurs. I am still paying the EMI. As per my knowledge we have to meet the right people or bank to guide us in the right way," shared Parvathi.

Charu is a store which keeps different thoughts and taste of a customer which makes them feel comfortable and cheerful so getting the right suppliers for these requirements is not an easy task as they have to be reliable. Parvathi said "It took a couple of years to find the right and genuine suppliers! Thanks to my mom and my best half who have been extremely helpful," she says what was once considered too be bulky for work wear is now making inroads as everyday wear for working women in urban India. Many are designing sarees with a touch of modernity to catch up with contemporary trends.

"Charu's is my love for art and fashion. It's been six years that my thoughts materialized but there is still a long way to go!" expressed Parvathi. "Don't let others measure your success!" she concluded.

Chitra Saikumar
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