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Samsara: A venture that helps couple find perfect ring

This is the story of a couple who in their pursuit of finding a perfect engagement ring founded Samsara

Aditya Sisodia; Shreya Bajaj

Aditya Sisodia; Shreya Bajaj

Every story portraying the struggles of an entrepreneur does make for an interesting read as they are unique in themselves while throwing light upon the physical and psychological toughness faced by an entrepreneur.

Bizz Buzz spoke to the couple Aditya Sisodia and Shreya Bajaj, who in their pursuit of finding a perfect engagement ring for their proposal thought it wise to start their own venture – "Samsara".

"Samsara was born when we were in pursuit of finding the perfect engagement ring for our proposal," say the shop owners.

"We help couples find special engagement rings, which are as unique as their love. Our solitaire diamond rings start from Rs 40,000 and our collection also has diamonds up to 2 carats. You can also design your own ring at Samsara and customise it the way you like it. You can explore over 500 ring styles at our first store in Hyderabad," say the Samsara founders.

"Having started a few businesses in the past, we have seen the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. Starting all over from scratch is an enduring process which luckily we are comfortable with given our experience," says Shreya Bajaj, a psychologist by qualification.

Aditya who started his career at Google explains the process of starting a jewellery business. He says, "The process of starting a jewellery business is similar to any other retail business. The difference however though is with certain additional registrations like BIS Hallmark and the weighing scales that needs to be registered with weights & measures department. These are additional registrations needed for selling only Hallmarked jewellery, a guarantee of purity of metal." While broaching the subject of where are diamonds to be found, the owners of Samsara Diamonds say, "Rough Diamonds are mined across South Africa, Canada, Brazil, Australia majorly."

"We believe the only requirement to be an entrepreneur is the mindset and very little does depend on the skill or industry knowledge. And we also believe that entrepreneurship isn't the only way to be happy. If the goal is a fulfilled life, it's important we understand ourselves first and choose what we enjoy doing. And if creating something gives you that, then entrepreneurship could be for you," he went on to say.

Samsara Diamonds, Aditya says, "Has Hyderabad's biggest engagement rings collection and is located at Banjara Hills. We sell only Hallmarked jewellery, which gives a guarantee of purity of the metal."

"90 per cent of world's diamonds are cut and polished in India!" they say.

Samsara they said is a very unique jewellery brand which provides consumers with an endless variety of engagement rings along with the option of designing your own unique ring: "There is no other store in country which has this offering. Having a young in-house designing team who understand current generations tastes & inspirations plus a state of the art manufacturing set up, helps us provide this kind of an offering."

Samsara also has a presence on popular social media. Of the future of their business expansion they said "Samsara will soon be launching its online store where consumers can explore or even customise their rings over video calls with ring stylists."

"Entrepreneurship is challenging and if you are comfortable with delayed gratification with no guarantee of success then for a creative person, it would be a very fulfilling journey for oneself. It has more to do with the mindset than anything else" say Aditya Sisodia and Shreya Bajaj.

Chitra Saikumar
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