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Ride-booking app Yaary launched on ONDC

Hyderabad Auto & Taxi Drivers Association introduces India's first driver-centric ride-hailing platform to the city

Ride-booking app Yaary launched on ONDC

Hyderabad: Hyderabad Auto & Taxi Drivers Association introduced Yaary, a Bengaluru-based ride booking app, to offer its mobility services to the people of Hyderabad. This driver-centric platform prioritises the empowerment of auto and taxi drivers by providing them complete control of their business, all while operating with zero commission.

Yaary is founded by digital public infrastructure veterans Hari Prasadh, Madhan Balasubramanian and Paritosh Verma. It is built using the established network standards as specified by ONDC (initiative by Ministry of commerce, Government of India), which are based on the open-source BECKN protocol. It is committed to making transportation safe, affordable, and enjoyable for all.

Koshy T, MD & CEO, ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce), said: “ONDC is on a mission to democratise digital commerce and mobility is an important vertical. Our mission is to have this available across all tiers of cities. Yaary helps in expansion of ONDC Network's footprint to Hyderabad and we welcome a new network participant in this domain to join in driving mobility growth across the nation.”

Sujith Nair, CEO, FIDE (Foundation for Interoperability in Digital Economy), said: “The Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) for commerce operates much like the internet, and the foundational Beckn protocol from FIDE facilitates the nationwide launch of such population-scale DPI. Various buyer applications can provide mobility services to customers, creating an increased demand potential for service providers.”

Mallesh Goud, INTUC Auto Union, Hyderabad, said: “We are launching our own app with over 15,000 drivers signing up. Tired of aggregator models and high costs, drivers are seeking solutions that make them more independent and less dependent on third-party players. It has been built for drivers, prioritising our needs while empowering us to provide superior and reliable service to commuters.”

Nanda Kishore, BMS Auto Union, Hyderabad, said: “The launch of Yaary is a significant milestone for the taxi and auto drivers of Hyderabad. Fueled by a shared vision of independence and fair compensation, Yaary provides our drivers with a groundbreaking platform where they are in control of their business, free from the constraints of hefty commissions.”

“This marks a turning point in the industry, and we are proud to be a part of a service that not only prioritizes the well-being of our drivers but also delivers superior and reliable transportation services to our valued passengers. Yaary truly symbolises a positive shift towards a more sustainable and driver-friendly future in the ride-hailing ecosystem,” he added.

Hari Prasadh, CEO & Cofounder, Yaary, said: “Our app is designed to prioritise the welfare of drivers, ultimately providing top-tier experience & reliability to passengers. Our mission here is to bring together a diverse set of mobility, travel & transportation players who can engage with the open network on their own terms. For Yaary, Hyderabad is just the beginning as we look to expand our footprint across India.”

The driver-first mobility app has successfully onboarded over 20,000 auto and taxi drivers in Hyderabad and is actively collaborating with various driver associations across numerous cities, envisioning the launch of similar mobility apps. It has set an ambitious goal to onboard more than 1 lakh drivers and to serve over 20 lakh customers within the next six months across India.

Yaary facilitates peer-to-peer transactions between customers and service providers (auto & taxi drivers) with zero commission, charging only a nominal SaaS fee to service providers - 10 times less than traditional ride-hailing aggregators. This ensures a fair and transparent earnings model for drivers. It provides drivers with flexible work schedules, a responsive support system, driver and family insurance, and legal consulting support - an industry first. The platform's commitment to driver welfare symbolises a departure from existing models.

For customers, Yaary promises a reliable, multi-modal mobility service at affordable prices, coupled with superior customer experience and efficiency. To join Yaary, auto or taxi drivers can download the Yaary Partner app from the Play Store, completing a hassle-free KYC verification process involving their mobile number, RC, and driving license. Meanwhile, customers can download Yaary Ride on both Android and iOS devices, free of charge, via the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Yaary addresses the prevalent concerns among users and drivers, presenting a practical solution to issues like car unavailability, unreliable services, and excessive commissions levied by other ride-hailing platforms. Demonstrating a strong commitment to providing genuinely multi-modal mobility services, Yaary aims to eliminate the need for intermediaries for both its customers and ONDC network participants.

The platform has already established agreements with several metros nationwide, intending to streamline public transportation for consumers by offering diverse mobility services within a single app. This collaborative approach not only enhances the drivers' earning potential but also facilitates first and last-mile connectivity for consumers. Yaary envisions a future where transportation across cities, towns, or villages in India is smooth, cost-effective and time-efficient, delivering significant value to both customers and service providers on a large scale.

N Sharath Chowdary
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