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Hyderabad Hospital Redefines WFH to 'Work From Hospital' for Patient Attendants

Healthcare and remote work collaboration: Yashoda Hospital in Hitech City provides the families of its patients with comfortable workstations that include chairs, desks, power outlets, and super-fast internet access.

Hyderabad Hospital Redefines WFH to Work From Hospital for Patient Attendants

Hyderabad Hospital Redefines WFH to 'Work From Hospital' for Patient Attendants

Hospital offers Work from Hospital

"Work From Hospital" is the new "WFH" in a Hyderabad hospital, an alternative to the widely used "Work from Home" acronym.

Remote work options in hospital

Yashoda Hospital in Hitech City has introduced specialised workstations to enhance the integration of healthcare with professional obligations, particularly for families taking care of loved ones receiving treatment. This initiative is aimed at helping people deal with difficulties faced in trying to balance work and home duties while they are in the hospital.

Desks, chairs, power outlets, and high-speed Internet access are provided in designated workspaces as part of this initiative. The hospital's outpatient area currently has four of these workstations installed.

Dedicated work desks on hospital premises were introduced to help individuals balance work obligations with supporting loved ones in treatment, according to the director of Yashoda Hospitals, Pavan Gorukanti. He also added that the hospital is committed to providing excellent medical care and improving the overall experience for patients and their families. Dr. Pavan elaborated that the hospital is trying to create a welcoming environment for families by providing them with workspace facilities so that they can attend to their profession without overlooking the care their loved ones receive.

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