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Now, black box in electric vehicle batteries?

NHEV has suggests black box like feature to monitor EV batteries in wake of rise in fire incidents involving electric vehicles

Asian EV makers enjoy some advantages over Tesla

'Asian EV makers enjoy some advantages over Tesla'

New Delhi: As EV battery fires continue unabated in the country, the National Highways for Electric Vehicles (NHEV) has come up with safety recommendations related to battery swapping and charging infrastructure.

The suggestions also include installing a black-box like feature to monitor battery systems and identifying the issues that lead to battery failure.

The organisation has issued 12 guidelines that include identifying battery failure issues along with problems regarding battery fires through an identification device.

"Four recommendations regarding regulatory aspects were also made. These are identification of battery failure issues, volatile thermal behaviour and associated risks with an identification device to understand the root cause of failure, real-time verifiable exchange value for battery swapping, net metering of charging stations from Discoms, and financing (by bank and NBFCs) of only those batteries that meet government standardisation," the NHEV said in a statement.

The NHEV meeting was attended by a Niti Aayog Member and Honorary Chair NHEV Knowledge Group, VK Saraswat, and key stakeholders from the EV industry.

"NHEV Working Group decided to place these 12 recommendations before the policy think tank and government along with four new short-term pilots announced," said Abhijeet Sinha, National Project Director, NHEV.

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