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RamkyVerse to give virtual experience of its ongoing projects

The company is allowing individuals worldwide to explore and make more informed decisions while buying homes


M Nanda Kishore, Managing Director, Ramky Estates.

Hyderabad: Property-buying decisions are inherently challenging due to various obstacles such as the inability to physically view a property while it is still under construction. The customers are not allowed at the site premises due to safety concerns. Geographical restraints also pose a considerable challenge, especially for the non-resident Indians (NRIs) and individuals living far from the location of the property.

Furthermore, the lack of time and accessibility surrounding property viewing, consultation and negotiation adds to the complexities involved. However, the integration of technology in real estate processes has always solved problems faced by realtors. Hyderabad-based realtor Ramky Estates has successfully leveraged technology, taking tech integration to the next level with its entry into metaverse.

‘RamkyVerse’, a virtual reality marketplace will be launched on July 14, 2023. This is the very first time a residential developer in the city has forayed into the dimension of virtual reality. With a mere Google/ Gmail account, the prospective buyers can teleport into the landscapes of these properties virtually, as their own chosen avatars.

RamkyVerse will be home to three virtual auditoriums, where customers can get the closest experience to living in a Ramky Estates Project, while being informed of the ongoing properties under construction. Salespersons and speakers will be integrated into the platform, enabling real-time interaction. The virtual landscape is accessible for 30 days, and includes a virtual experience of all the launched projects.

At the comfort of sitting in their homes, the customers can experience all the ongoing projects of the company including the recent additions, Ramky One Astra, Ramky One Orion and Ramky One Genext, allowing individuals worldwide to explore and make informed decisions without being bound by physical constraints.

M Nanda Kishore, MD of Ramky Estates, said: “We recognise that building homes goes beyond just brick and mortar. Consumer preferences are evolving rapidly. Thoughtful design with defined spaces blending comfort, convenience and elegance is the new common. Homebuyers today are looking beyond the four walls. They choose vibrant communities that provide opportunities to connect, create and celebrate.”

“We are the first developers foraying into the virtual reality realm via RamkyVerse, a groundbreaking integration that immerses buyers in a new dimension of real estate exploration. Through the seamless blend of technology and innovation, our team is set to revolutionise property showcasing, offering a hyper-realistic experience beyond imagination,” says Sarath Babu, VP Marketing & Sales, Ramky Estates.

Ramky Estates has integrated this ethos into their business processes and project design. Through this revolution of customer-centric design and modernised amenities, customers of Ramky Estates enjoy pedestrian-friendly podiums, vibrant and facilitated kids playing areas, landscaped gardens, reflexology pathways, community zones for senior citizens, amphitheatres, community halls, and fitness zones.

With continued focus on customer-centricity and integration of technology, Ramky Estates has gained an identity as a builder with the heart and the smarts to captivate Indian homebuyers. To further strengthen its advocacy, strategy and implementation of an ideal modern-day community living ethos, the company will showcase its properties on RamkyVerse.

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