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Amazon India commits to diversity, inclusion this Pride month

Amazon boxes are being dispatched from fulfillment centres to carry special tape with Pride flag, reflecting the diversity of the LGBTQIA+ community

Amazon India commits to diversity, inclusion this Pride month

Amazon India commits to diversity, inclusion this Pride month

Hyderabad Pride month is an entire month dedicated to the uplifting of LGBTQIA+ voices, a celebration of their culture, and the support of their rights. This year, Amazon India celebrates its commitment to diversity and inclusion; be its employees, sellers, partners, customers, and many others who are proud to call themselves allies.

Demonstrating this commitment to a gender-neutral culture, the company has designed a limited-edition tape that will seal the Amazon brown box bringing your package to your doorstep. In June, Amazon boxes being dispatched from fulfillment centres in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru will carry the special tape with the Pride flag of 11 colours, reflecting the diversity of the LGBTQIA+ community and the spectrum of human sexuality and gender.

Amazon India has built an inclusive workspace with employees from the LGBTQAI+ community across diverse jobs – from product managers to art directors to pack associates at fulfillment centres to HR managers to delivery associates. To support the needs of this community, the company offers a Same Gender Partner Coverage Program, which helps employees enroll their same gender partner in their health insurance program.

Employees also have the option to choose a Gender reassignment surgery or sign up for Infertility treatment, both of which are provided as part of the health insurance benefit. The company also supports LGBTQIA+ employees with resources and access to counsellors, through their Employee Assistance Program.

The programme provides them with resources, counselling, support, and guidance in their journey should they want to of being open about their sexuality with their family, friends, or colleagues Additionally, to create an inclusive workplace, all managers are trained in inclusive leadership, a program designed to enable managers to thoughtfully lead teams with diverse employees.

Swati Rustagi, Director, DE&I, International Markets, WW Consumer, Amazon says, "We stand together with the LGBTQIA+ community both within and outside of Amazon, and we continue to look for ways to scale our impact as we grow by providing opportunities to diverse cohorts. Among many affinity groups within Amazon, Glamazon is focused on the LGBTQIA+ community, and it helps bring LGBTQIA+ employees, associates and allies together to discuss and share experiences from across the globe."

The Glamazon affinity group started over 20 years ago with one employee who wanted to connect with other LGBTQIA+ Amazonians. There are now over 200 active Glamazon chapters around the world who work with Amazon to create an inclusive workplace, host hundreds of community events, and celebrate Pride annually.

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