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IndiGo turn 55th airline to use Airbus' fleet health monitoring tool

The airline’s maintenance and engineering teams will use the solution for its A320 family fleet by enabling real-time management of aircraft events and troubleshooting

IndiGo turn 55th airline to use Airbus’ fleet health monitoring tool

IndiGo turn 55th airline to use Airbus’ fleet health monitoring tool

Hyderabad IndiGo has become the latest operator in India to adopt Skywise Health Monitoring (SHM) as its future fleet performance tool. The long-standing Airbus customer will be the 55th airline using this innovative tool to optimise the maintenance of its fleet. Launched in 2019, SHM gathers live diagnostic feeds from the aircraft through its ACARS (aircraft communications, addressing and reporting system) link to the airline's information system.

IndiGo will use the solution for its A320 Family fleet. Airbus' SHM will support the airline's maintenance and engineering teams by enabling real-time management of aircraft events and troubleshooting. This will help the airline in identifying, prioritising, analysing, and handling in-service events, enabling quicker decision-making and minimising Aircraft on Ground (AOG) risks.

IndiGo will be the largest Indian carrier to use SHM, and the second one to have selected this value-added Skywise solution in the region. The deployment will start by the end of March.

"IndiGo endeavours to remain in the forefront of technological solutions to further improve our operational efficiency. We keenly look forward to using the Airbus Skywise Health monitoring system and MATe to our advantage. IndiGo has been a leader in maintaining the best On-time performance and remains focused to excel our position as the market leader," said SC Gupta, Senior Vice President - Engineering, IndiGo.

Used by airlines around the world, Skywise Health Monitoring improves the overall fleet availability by managing aircraft events and their associated troubleshooting in real-time, allowing prioritisation and tracking to increase the dispatch reliability. IndiGo has also purchased additional licences to use Airbus' mobile training suite MATe (Mobile Airbus Training experience), bringing their total number at IndiGo to more than 3,300.

Launched in July 2021, MATe Suite is a mobile training solution for pilots featuring a virtual cockpit environment and offering interactive lessons. A modular solution, it covers the pilot ground training curriculum for both initial type rating and recurrent. Its flexibility is greatly appreciated by pilots worldwide. MATe Suite also monitors trainees' progress, and they can download certificates of completion.

These new contracts in India confirm Airbus' digital solutions as powerful tools which bring increased efficiency and flexibility to airlines' operations.

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