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How to stay positive in dark times

Here are some tips which may help you give up that negative thought which keeps you down

How to stay positive in dark times

The way we start our morning can set the tone for the rest of the day. We all know very well that life is a journey of ups and downs, happiness and sadness, but it's tough to be positive in all situations and remain optimistic when we are lost in the murky waters of negative thinking.

We read so many articles, and hear so many speeches about positive thinking, to be optimistic. But we fail to adhere to the same thought.

Consider our body as a complex machine with several simple machines working together. Unlike a machine, the substantial brain is an organ, a functional part of a living organism. The brain gives a signal of all emotions to our mind and we reflex accordingly. In these, all activities secretions of hormones play an important role. Our mood and thinking are connected to the secretion of hormones and vice versa.

Why can't we try to manipulate our hormones? When we feel sad or upset about any matter brain secretes the hormones epinephrine (adrenaline) which forces us to shout, cry, and react resulting in depression. Same our brain secretes happy hormones too. Increasing dopamine and serotonin means happiness and falling in love. The secretion of these hormones depends on our mood so, can't we convert sad hormones to happy hormones just by changing our mindset. We should learn how to change our way of thinking, and how to change our negative mind into a positive mind that influences hormone secretion which directly results in happiness, contentment, optimism, hope, etc.

I have a habit of reading good books and exploring constructive, creative thoughts. I have found some practical points to keep myself positive and in a happy state. Below are some simple tips for staying happy.

1. Ask yourself the right question. This is the simplest but perhaps also the most important habit I've discovered in adopting an optimistic mindset. The question we ask ourselves makes all the difference in our life.

A pessimist might ask.

• Why did happen to me?

• Why do bad things happen to me all the time?

But an optimist might ask.

• What is one good thing about this situation?

• What can I learn from this situation?

• What small step I can take to start solving this situation.

2. Create a positive environment to live in. Spend more time with the people who lift you, and spend less time on negative and self-esteem damaging sources. Get surrounded by positive constructive blogs and books. Watch a motivational movie, and listens to the inspirational song.

3. Be grateful for what you have. Ask below mentioned questions.

• What can I be grateful for in my life today?

• Who are the three people of whom I can be grateful to have in my life and why?

• What are 3 things I can be grateful for about myself?

4. Focus on the solution. There are no problems that come without a solution. Like a lock never come without a key. Think what one small step I can take to move forward today.

5. Reduce worries. Think seriously about how many worries ever happened in past and present. You will find it very low. Most of the things we fear throughout our life will never happen. They are just nightmares or monsters of our minds.

6. Don't let ideals ruin things. A common mistake people make with their attitude is that they think that they have been perfect and they assume that they always do things perfectly. This traps them from being positive. Be always ready to learn from everything even the smallest things, the younger ones, nature, animals etc. No one is perfect they are continually on the journey of learning. The former President of India Dr Abdul Kalam Azad once said "A wise person knows that there's something to be learned from everyone."

7. A reminder to help us not give up. It is always darkest before dawn. This thought may help you to hold on and keep going. When things seem to be at the lowest parallel, at the same time there is the beginning of something good and positive. So takes action rather than giving up, something good will always happen.

The universe itself is a living particle and it listens. It listens to our vibrations. It responds to the signals we put out. So if we are putting out feelings of sadness, we will continue to be sad because the universe responds like for like. Likewise, if we are feeling happy we feel more happiness as it is returned to us with an abundance. We only have one chance for life in this world. So having a positive attitude helps us to give value and meaning to our birth.

(The author is currently working as a merchandiser at Pearl Global Industries Limited at Gurugram)

Shruti Das
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