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How these tech trends will make their mark in 2023

Smarter AI powered devices connected by the IoT and the advancement of 5G will lead to an era of 6G bringing with it many exciting possibilities

How these tech trends will make their mark in 2023

In contrast to the low point in 2021, 2023 will see a renaissance in technology. We will see the rapid rollout of 5G services by 2023, paving the way for mass adoption. There will be several innovations across different sectors which will complement to contribute to the growth of the technology sector.

The year 2023 will be a pivotal year for enterprises as 5G enables innovation and revolutionary models of connectivity.There will be growth in many areas, including robotics, 5G, green technology, and digital skills and reskilling. With these technologies, firms can expand their 5G portfolio to include 5G modems, handsets, accessories, telematics for vehicles, and will focus on emerging trends in data processing and storage, the prominence of the metaverse, Wi-Fi 7, and energy efficiency.

In addition to the expansion of 5G we shall see adoption of 6G, India will be able to participate in the creation of 6G protocols with higher functionality and reliability. Additionally, with 5G connectivity all over India, it can facilitate the efficiency and safety of both online exchanges and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) exchanges. When these technologies work together efficiently, connectivity, security, and analytics will be transformed. Technological trends such as combining data from various sources into GIS systems, facilitating easy data sharing, and GeoHubs will revolutionize how GIS technologies are used. All of this will result in the creation of suitable personnel. The country will also boost product development and manufacturing, as well as hardware development, original and high -volume product development and manufacturing within the country. As India adopts new technologies.

From retailing, finance, education, commodity, stock, blockchain etc all sectors will be benefited with AI largely and this will become part of mainstream, and these sectors will gain more trust as they will be improving product quality, simplifying returns, combat scams monitor stock, and eliminate intermediaries. There will be smarter intelligent devices that store and transmit data, connected by the Internet of Things, and the advancement of 5G will lead to an era of 6G bringing with it many exciting possibilities.

The Interconnected Things and application programming interfaces will offer opportunities for enterprises to build an infrastructure connecting the physical and digital worlds, allowing two-way, interactive communication with multichannel consumers.

Metaverse technologies

As companies adapt to the new era of e-commerce and marketing in 2023, virtual and augmented reality will gain prominence. Brands will be integrated into homes through 3D digital environments. The impact of the Metaverse on many sectors will be evident in 2023, not just users. The iGaming industry is uniquely positioned to benefit from this technology. The ability to play at iGaming sites in the metaverse with other players could make playing online casino games even more enjoyable. Businesses will gain insight into customers' tastes by using a metaverse product. We can already see brands like Gucci, Zara, and Nike appearing in the metaverse. In the coming year, many retailers will begin to experiment with these technologies.

Overcoming labour shortage in many sectors

Many sectors face acute problems of labour shortage, the evolution and spread of technology will see this issue being addressed too. A better layout of floors and spaces, a better transportation routine, better planning for meetings, and increased container capacity will be seen. As labor shortages occur in multiple markets, practical methods will become essential to decrease our environmental impact.

Along with all the trends listed above, organizations will improve their monitoring and visibility systems. As a result, they will be able to manage complex systems, enhance client experiences, develop more efficient software, and eliminate data fragmentation. A fundamental aspect of the technology plan focuses on cyber security and environmental sustainability. IoT proliferation, new hacking methods, and more sophisticated attacks are making cybersecurity the top concern for 2023. Keeping an eye on environmental preservation is essential to making our planet a better place to live.

Bioprinting is a breakthrough technology and almost everyone is familiar with 3-dimensional printing now, it was once a major technological breakthrough. As we approach 2023, bioprinting may become the new printing technology. And the multimedia, media and health sectors will see major advances due to this technology.

(The author is Founder of Linux World (p) Ltd)

Vimal Daga
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