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Volvo Car India sets up 10-KW solar plant at Jewar health centre

Collabs with Assocham in executing solar power plant to address a critical need of Community health centre towards having a power back up

Volvo Car India sets up 10-KW solar plant at Jewar health centre

Volvo Car India sets up 10-KW solar plant at Jewar health centre


Mahesh Sharma, former Minister and present Member of Parliament, inaugurated a 10 KW solar power unit at the Community health centre at Jewar in Gautam Buddh Nagar on Friday. The unit facilitated by Volvo car India will provide electricity to supplement the current requirement and ensure the Community Centre to function normally in case of power outages. This is Volvo Car's first such initiative and hints about more such plant set ups in India.

Jyoti Malhotra, MD, Volvo Cars India, said: "Volvo is committed to sustainability. This initiative of providing solar power to the Jewar Community Health Centre meets this goal. The Health Centre not only gets power from renewal sources but it also feeds the surplus into the grid thereby lowering its electric consumption bills. The vast community of over a lakh that this health centre serves will benefit from this initiative. This is our first such initiative and we plan to install such plants in health centres across India."

Inaugurating the solar plant, Mahesh Sharma, said: "Health and renewable energy are focus areas of our government. I am happy that this initiative of Volvo Car is in sync with these objectives. The health centre is serving over 102 villages and more than one lakh people avail of its services. Power back up has been a long felt need for this Community Health Centre and I am glad that this has been met through sustainable and renewable means."

Deepak Sood, Secretary General, Assocham, said: "Assocham partners Indian industry in reaching out to communities to enable them benefit from technology in enhancing their quality of life. Communities across India benefit from Government instituted health centres and Assocham as a leading industry body helps connect its members towards enhancing these centres, be it through equipment or allied support. We are proud to be associated with Volvo Cars India in the execution of the solar power plant at Jewar. This will address a critical need of the centre towards having a power back up."

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