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GreenShift offer to set up multi-city fast EV charging hubs

GreenShift offer to set up multi-city fast EV charging hubs

GreenShift offer to set up multi-city fast EV charging hubs

Mumbai, Oct 30 As per its climate-resilient strategy, Navi Mumbai-based GreenShift Initiatives Private Limited (GIPL) with its solar-as-a-service (SaaS), zero-investment on rooftop solar installation, and fast electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, has rolled out carbon credits — a 'carbon finance' option to its customers to support decarbonisation and foster lower-carbon future.

Under the plan, the company will remit the monetary amount, allowing residential and commercial buildings to monetize their carbon credits earned from their rooftop solar

installations and transformation to electric mobility.

Further fortifying its blueprint for zero carbon emission, GreenShift has planned to set up multi-city fast EV charging hubs in the next 12 months. During its phase-1 plan, the company plans to set up fast EV charging stations across major metro cities and branch out to tier-II cities. Subsequently, during phase-2, it will install fast EV charging hubs on the national highways (NHs) and expand to state highways.

"Unlike usual Capex schemes wherein the consumer would own the rooftop solar and EV charging system and invest upfront, GreenShift is unique. Its zero-investment plan offers the consumer the option to only pay for the green energy generated and consumed, while the solar panel installation and EV charging system will be installed, owned and maintained by our company. Customers can avail of the electricity generated under the net metering policy. In return, the consumer needs to pay as per the pre-decided energy tariff, which is less than the prevailing electricity grid tariffs," said Satinder Aggarwal, Founder & Managing Director, GreenShift Initiatives Private Limited (GIPL).

Elaborating on various benefits to residential and commercial real estate customers, Aggarwal said: "GreenShift will invest and install rooftop solar power solutions at a pre-approved location applying the latest technology, high industry standards and guarantee the performance of the plants. The rooftop solar installations are fully financed by our company with no upfront cost of planning, designing, installation, and operation. We offer up to 25-years of comprehensive on-site warranty, remote monitoring to identify glitches and emergency

response within a stipulated time period."

Kumud Das
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