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Bhavish Aggarwal features in debut TIME-100 climate list

Listed among the top-100 list, most influential leaders driving business climate action as a trailblazing innovator

Hyderabad: Bhavish Aggarwal, founder and CEO, Ola, has been named by TIME in its inaugural TIME100 Climate list, recognizing the 100 most innovative leaders driving business climate action. Featured under the Innovators category, the achievement demonstrates Bhavish’s commitment and his outstanding contribution to drive the sustainable mobility vision for the country.

Referring Bhavish’s inclusion to the prestigious list, TIME mentioned: “India is thought to be the world’s most populous country, and likely the most vital to transition to sustainable transportation. Some 70 per cent of the vehicles on India’s roads are mopeds and scooters, and Bhavish Aggarwal is leading the path to electrifying them. Aggarwal is CEO of Ola Electric, India’s largest maker of electric two-wheel scooters, and a market leader in micromobility generally, from taxis to ride-sharing. This year, Ola launched its most affordable electric scooter ever, priced at Rs79,999 ($960).”

To assemble the list, TIME's editors and reporters fielded nominations and recommendations from industry leaders and partner organizations like Global Optimism and The B Team, as well as TIMECO2’s Advisory Council, then worked to assess the candidates on a variety of factors, including recency of action, measurable results, and influence.

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