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Rapido surpasses 100 crore rides across 120 cities

Rapido introduced innovative Auto & Cab SaaS platforms, allowing auto and cab drivers to directly benefit from their earnings

Rapido surpasses 100 crore rides across 120 cities

Pavan Guntapalli co-founder of Rapido

Photo_ Source Westbridge Capital

Hyderabad: Rapido, a prominent commute app in India, has achieved a significant milestone of 100 crore rides across 120 cities. Since its establishment in 2015, it has become a vital contributor to job creation, impacting the lives of around 9 crore Indians with its affordable services. The platform, with a fleet of approximately 1.4 crore captains, both male and female, serves as a source of empowerment for gig workers, enhancing accessibility and contributing to the nation's progress through innovative mobility solutions.

Pavan Guntupalli, co-founder of Rapido, expressed enthusiasm about the achievement, stating, "Reaching the milestone of 100 crore rides marks an extraordinary moment in Rapido’s journey. From our humble beginnings to where we stand today, having touched the lives of millions, it's been incredibly fulfilling. Today, as we celebrate this milestone, we're filled with gratitude for the trust our customers and partners have placed in us. This milestone not only represents the countless lives touched and communities empowered but also underscores our commitment to fostering a 'Viksit Bharat', where every individual has the opportunity to thrive. Our mission extends beyond mere rides; it's about revolutionizing the commute experience, empowering individuals, and driving socioeconomic progress. With each journey, we reaffirm our commitment to making a positive impact, one commute at a time."

In addition to this milestone, Rapido introduced innovative Auto & Cab SaaS platforms, allowing auto and cab drivers to directly benefit from their earnings. This approach ensures a larger share of the revenue goes directly to the captains, boosting their income and promoting ownership and entrepreneurship.

Rapido's role in revolutionizing last-mile connectivity and easing the strain on public transportation systems is highlighted by this remarkable feat. The company's innovative solutions have fostered community, with riders and captains forming strong connections. Each of the 100 crore rides represents a unique story – from students commuting to educational institutions to workers striving for better opportunities, and families reuniting after a long day.

Adding to the accomplishment, Rapido has expanded its services to additional cities, now operating in over 130 locations nationwide. This growth signifies the increasing demand for convenient and reliable transportation options, further solidifying Rapido's position as a leader in the mobility sector in India.

Furthermore, Rapido recently announced its plans to launch an Electric Vehicle (EV) fleet pilot program in select cities. This initiative aims to promote sustainable transportation solutions, aligning with India's efforts to reduce carbon emissions. The EV fleet will offer riders an eco-friendly option for their commutes, contributing to a greener and cleaner environment.

Amidst its expansion and innovative ventures, Rapido has also continued its commitment to safety. The company has introduced comprehensive safety measures for riders and captains, including real-time ride monitoring, safety training programs, and stringent vehicle quality checks. These initiatives underline Rapido's dedication to providing a secure and reliable transportation experience for users.

Looking ahead, Rapido remains focused on enhancing its services, expanding its reach, and fostering a more sustainable and inclusive mobility ecosystem in India. With its customer-centric approach and innovative solutions, Rapido is poised to continue leading the way in the country's evolving transportation landscape.

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