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Mana Yatri Hyderabad: A Community-Driven Cab App

Mana Yatri Launch in Hyderabad: On Thursday, the city of Hyderabad welcomed a new ride-hailing app called Mana Yatri. The app connects users with auto-rickshaws and cab drivers who can offer rides at zero commission. This Juspay Technologies app is similar to Bengaluru's "Namma Yatri" and is part of the ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce) network.

Mana Yatri Hyderabad: A Community-Driven Cab App

 Mana Yatri Hyderabad: A Community-Driven Cab App

Zero-Commission Ride Platforms

On Thursday, Mana Yatri, a new ride-hailing app, was launched in Hyderabad. It offers car and auto rides to commuters for zero commission. The app, developed by Juspay Technologies and included in the ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce) network, is similar to Bengaluru's 'Namma Yatri'.

The government of Telangana and its technology ecosystem enabler T-Hub were instrumental in the app's launch. The mobility app provides drivers with competitive rates while being 20 to 30 percent cheaper than its competitors. Shan M S, chief growth officer at Juspay, stated during the app launch at T-Hub Hyderabad that the company has already onboarded 25,000 cab and autorickshaw drivers in the past two months and expects to onboard at least one lakh drivers in the next three months.

Zero-Commission Rides

According to Shireesh Joshi, chief business officer of ONDC, various apps that have joined its network will now vie for the chance to ride. What the offer is for the passenger and the driver is the determining factor. According to Namma Yatri's account from Bangalore, the autorickshaw community seems to be quite receptive to the proposal. So far, they have over 100,000 riders in Bengaluru, and that number is growing daily. They are expanding to more cities because whatever it is they've made is popular, according to Joshi. So far, the app has recorded 20,000 rides, and nearly 65,000 users from Hyderabad have signed up, according to Shan. Mana Yatri's subscription fee is Rs 25 per day, and they won't charge a commission on each ride, unlike their competitor's apps.

The CEO of T-Hub, Mahankali Srinivas Rao, mentioned at the Cab and Auto App Launch that the app has the potential to expand its functionality in the future by enabling Metro rail connectivity. Using technology to create population-scale, sustainable social impact, Mana Yatri is a role model for bringing society, government, and business together, according to Madan Pillutla, dean of the Indian School of Business (ISB).

Vineela Sekhar
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