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Daihatsu shuts down Japan factories

Daihatsu shuts down Japan factories

Daihatsu shuts down Japan factories

Tokyo: Daihatsu, a unit of Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corp, has shut down production lines at all its four factories in Japan while transport ministry officials investigate improper tests for safety certifications.

The shutdown as of Tuesday comes a week after Daihatsu Motor Co announced it was suspending all vehicle shipments in and outside Japan after finding improper testing involving 64 models.

That led transport ministry officials to launch a deeper probe into problems that apparently persisted for decades. The stoppage is expected to affect thousands of auto parts makers and their employees in a potential blow to local economies.

The safety test irregularities earlier this year triggered an independent panel investigation, which found widespread and systematic problems at Daihatsu. It is the latest of safety or other violations found at at least five of Japan's major automakers in recent years. So far, there have been no reports of accidents or deaths due to the falsified tests.

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