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Greaves Cotton launches technical training for rural communities

Greaves Cotton launches technical training for rural communities

Greaves Cotton launches technical training for rural communities

New Delhi: E-Mobility business venture Greaves Cotton has launched a programme to address the challenge of technical training in the country under its initiative called DEEP (Development, Education, Empowerment, Progress).

The company said that it has launched the training programme in the Aurangabad district to empower rural communities with employment opportunities.

The programme, along with NEEM (National Employability Enhancement Mission), will undertake technical training programmes for underprivileged families in the district through various reskilling work and empowered rural communities to get decent work and support their families. The company has partnered with Yuvashakti Foundation, a non-governmental organisation (NGO), to ensures the development, education, empowerment, and progress of underprivileged families in various villages of Aurangabad.

At present, the company has 199 DEEP trainees enrolled in the programme as the programme aims to providing necessary skills and technical training for 6 months to the participants.

"Reskilling and making people job-ready especially from the underprivileged communities has always been the key focus for Greaves Cotton. We, along with our partner network, have been taking several steps to support and improve the lives of the people in various parts of the country," said Shefali Suri, Group Chief Human Resource Officer, Greaves Cotton.

The company further said that as a part of initiative to promote skill training, it has also announced Greaves Scholarship Programme (GSP), to support students from financially disadvantaged families of auto-rickshaw, e-rickshaw drivers and farmers. The upskilling and reskilling initiatives launched by the company comes at the time of covid pandemic second wave with unemployment rate standing at 14.73 per cent in May in the country.

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