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Kolasani Saketh Pranav’s Achievement: JEE Main Paper 2 100 NTA score

AP boy JEE Main Paper 2 100 NTA score: Kolasani Saketh Pranav from Andhra Pradesh scored a perfect 100 on JEE Mains Paper-2B (B Planning). Telangana's Jeswin Jose took first place in B Architecture. Students from the Telugu states excelled in various categories.

Kolasani Saketh Pranav’s Achievement: JEE Main Paper 2 100 NTA score

Saketh Pranav JEE Main rank

On Friday, the results of the JEE Mains Paper-2B (B Planning) were announced. Andhra Pradesh's Kolasani Saketh Pranav achieved a perfect score of 100 on the NTA. On a national level, Pranav is the sole B Planning Paper national topper to achieve the JEE Mains Paper-2B perfect score.

Meanwhile, the top performer from Telangana in paper 2B is Jeswin Jose, who achieved a 99.97 NTA score. Debajyoti Ray Barman of Telangana and Dhanukonda Srinidhi of Andhra Pradesh were the state's top achievers in B Architecture (paper 2A), with NTA scores of 99.04 and 99.99, respectively.

Additionally, students from Telugu states achieved top scores in multiple categories. Yayavaram Sravan Ram topped the B Arch entrance exam in the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) category with a 99.96 NTA score. The state of Telangana produced three B.Arch. winners from the SC and ST groups. The national top scorer in the SC category was Vivekjit Das of Telangana with a score of 99.94, while the top scorers in the ST category were Boda Prabanjan Jadav and Banoth Rithwak of India, who both achieved scores of 99.87.

A student from Telangana, Chunchikala Sreecharan, was named the national topper in the B Arch paper with a 99.41 NTA score in the PwD category. Jallu Sri Harshith of Andhra Pradesh came out on top in the OBCNCL (Other Backward Classes Non-creamy layer) category of B Planning with a score of 99.97. Approximately 55,608 test takers from 299 locations around the nation and outside appeared for the exam on January 24. April marks the second session (Main) of the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE).

Vineela Sekhar
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