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'Haptic Smart Watch' propels IIT Kanpur to prestigious STEM recognition

The Haptic Smart Watch features a cost-effective design with a touch-sensitive tactile interface, displaying information through vibrations

Haptic Smart Watch propels IIT Kanpur to prestigious STEM recognition

Kanpur: Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK), a trailblazer in technological advancements, has been bestowed with the esteemed STEM Impact Awards 2024 for its impactful technology transfer endeavors. The recognition was conferred during the annual STEM Summit - 2024, held in Bengaluru. STEM (Society for Technology Management) is a distinguished non-profit organization fostering an environment conducive to Technology Transfer Processes and nurturing the professional growth of technology management experts across various domains.

This marks the third consecutive win for IIT Kanpur, underscoring its commitment to driving socio-economic progress through technological innovation. The institute's pioneering technology transfer of the 'Haptic Smart Watch for Blind & Visually Impaired' garnered acclaim, earning them this prestigious accolade.

The award was jointly accepted by Prof. Ankush Sharma, Professor in charge of the Start-up Incubation and Innovation Centre, IIT Kanpur, and Prof. Siddhartha Panda, Department of Chemical Engineering and Coordinator of the National Centre of Flexible Electronics (NCFlexE), IIT Kanpur. The honor was presented by Mr. Alwin Wong, Chairman of the Association of Technology Transfer Professionals.

Expressing his delight, Prof. S. Ganesh, Director of IIT Kanpur, emphasized the institution's commitment to addressing societal needs through innovative solutions. He commended Prof. Siddhartha Panda and the team for their groundbreaking work on the 'Haptic Smart Watch for the Blind and Visually Impaired.'

Developed in 2022 by Prof. Siddhartha Panda and Mr. Vishwaraj Srivastava from NCFlexE, the Haptic Smart Watch features a cost-effective design with a touch-sensitive tactile interface, displaying information through vibrations. This innovation, licensed to Ambrane India Pvt. Ltd for mass production and sales has been recognized with the prestigious Best Assisted Technology Initiatives by Educational Institutes' Award at the ATF Awards 2023.

Prof. Ankush Sharma, who oversees the Technology Transfer Cell at IIT Kanpur, hailed the development of the 'Haptic Smart Watch' as a significant achievement for the IP & Technology Transfer Team. He highlighted their milestone of filing 122 IPRs in 2023, showcasing their dedication to fostering innovation.

IIT Kanpur continues to forge strategic partnerships with industry players, underscoring its commitment to societal impact. The institution remains steadfast in its mission to contribute to the nation's economic and social advancement, aligning with the 'Make in India' initiative by promoting innovative technical solutions and fostering growth opportunities.

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