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Visaka launches experience centre for eco-friendly needs

The experience centre namely ATUM Life, is the first ever net-zero sustainable experience centre in Hyderabad

Visaka launches experience centre for eco-friendly needs

Visaka, a leading indigenous sustainable, eco-friendly building materials company, has been expanding its horizons with the addition of a sustainable experience centre, ATUM Life, on SP Road in Secunderabad.

Founded in the year 1981 by Dr G Vivekanand,Visaka Industries has multiple product portfolios, ranging from corrugated cement sheets and fibre cement boards to hybrid solar roofs and human-made fibre yarn. Under his able leadership, the organisation has been at the forefront, developing sustainable products and meeting demands from domestic and international markets.

With its transformed product portfolio under Vnext (an eco-friendly alternative to plywood and gypsum), it enables consultants, builders, architects and applicators to emphasise sustainable architecture and build the future.

The organisation also manufactures and is a global supplier of The Wonder Yarn, a human-made spool that has carved a niche for various fabric applications across garments, apparels, furnishings, automotive fabrics and other technical textiles. "It is famed for roofing the largest Muratec Twin Jet spun yarn technology facility with its world-class manufacturing setup," said Vamsi Gaddam, the Joint Managing Director of Visaka Industries.

From Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) to electronics, fashion to automobiles, ATUM Life offers a diverse range of certified sustainable products keeping the needs and desires of its customers in mind. It is a one-stop solution for all certified eco-friendly products. It is completely net-zero in terms of power consumption, self-sustainable and runs on ATUM Solar Roof power. The entire construction of the experience centre is made with extremely low carbon emitting products, hardly 36 kg of CO2 emissions per tonne.

A breakthrough in the field of sustainable energy, ATUM is an integrated solar roofing system that checks out all the functions of a traditional roof, while generating energy for people. As a part of India's emerging solar industry, the organisation manufactures integrated solar panels with a cement base. It provides better insulation from heat than a traditional roof, without compromising on your building's aesthetic appeal.

With its superior technological capabilities, ATUM is thermally efficient and generates 20 per cent more revenue when compared to conventional solar panels. With its unmatched durability, ATUM is the only renewable energy solution that is both, a roof and solar panel, designed to meet consistent energy demands that you can manage on your smartphone.

It generates no noise and withstands heat and rain, where there is no need for an insulation mat under the roof. Its fire-resistant, shockproof design trumps the dangers of using Galvalume sheets.

ATUM Life provides a platform for startups, among others, which is keen on working to develop sustainable products to sell through the organisation.The company has been addressing environmental issues from the grassroots-up and it brings one a complete lifestyle overhaul. From the house of Visaka, where creating innovative sustainable products is the norm, ATUM Life is a one-of-a-kind store that houses eco-friendly clothing, body care items, cosmetics, food, toys and many more.

It's a one-stop-shop for all things sustainable and the company carries a wide range of sustainable products. The company's vision is to create a better world by adopting sustainable and renewable living practices and to be a facilitator developing innovative methods to ease the transition for building a sustainable lifestyle.

"Visaka understands how non-eco-friendly materials have a significant impact on the environment and we are actively working towards a more sustainable future with each new venture. Our collective thought-process while setting up ATUM Life is simple - if we do not change our living practices and our lifestyle, the rate at which we are adversely impacting our planet, we wouldn't last another generation," addressing the opening ceremony of ATUM Life, Vamsi Gaddam, JMD of Visaka Industries, said.

"The main purpose of setting up our newest venture is to create awareness and to facilitate sustainability. Our aim is to make people aware that adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle is beneficial for us all as a planet and we need to do our bit. Our sustainable experience centre introduces what sustainability and eco-friendly living really is. We believe that it is important to showcase and introduce sustainable products the right way, which is easy to adapt and affordable," he added.

ATUM Life offers a range of products through an actual physical display to create, introduce and facilitate a sustainable lifestyle. It is a first of its kind that creates an experience to learn, adapt and adopt products across the board. The organisation is a one-stop sustainability experience centre for all environment friendly products.

"Our in-house experts will evaluate the viability of each product in the hub. Every product must pass our sustainability tests and be environment-friendly. Products that are significantly eco-friendly and contribute to sustainable living will be featured in the sustainable experience centre. It is a veritable treasure trove of all things sustainable!" said Vamsi Gaddam.

He further added, "ATUM Life combines futuristic technology and sustainable, recycled products for every individual. It aims to collaborate with like-minded supply-chain down to the consumer bringing all-things-sustainable under one roof."

The company's expansion plans include opening ATUM Life stores across all major metro cities by the end of the year, where the projects are already making headway. The company is built and designed entirely with their own sustainable manufacturing products. The power is generated by ATUM Roof and through Vnext, which is used in the interior design.

Aparajitha Vishwas Saikumar
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