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Techies in Delhi still back WFH

Many say their job profiles don’t require their presence at office daily; Rather their productivity much higher than pre-Covid in-office days

Techies in Delhi still back WFH

Techies in Delhi still back WFH

Many employees claim that they're working long hours as part of WFH

IT employees want to WFH till Dec

They prefer to come to office after the 3rd wave threat is over

Employees, who became parents after the Covid outbreak, want to WFH for 1 more year to take care of their infants

Cos such as Deloitte, Arrow, L&T are giving flexible options including WFH depending upon the project

New Delhi: Corporate employees in the Delhi NCR region continue to work from homealthough many may need to rejoin work from office from January 2022 onwards.

BizzBuzz spoke with some of the people working for multi-national corporations (MNCs) based out in NCR to get their views on reopening of work from office and the future of work from home (WFH).

Amit Singh (35), who works in the data and artificial intelligence (AI) segment, Accenture, says although Work From Home has been rather hectic and more demanding, but the level of productivity has been far greater for the last 17 months. Amit, currently residing in Gurgaon, says that his job profile doesn't require him to go to the office very often. "Even before the pandemic, many of my subordinates were working from remote locations. So, I am really not too dependent on going to the office to submit my day-to-day work. Although work from home has been very hectic as my wife and I both devote longer working hours nowadays. TillAugust 3rdweek, Accenture has taken up survey to know how many of its employees have got vaccinated. So far, we know that officially we have to work from home till this year end,"Amit said.

According to him, most employees, who are unmarried, continue to work from their native places in tier-2 and tier 3 cities. When asked if he would be willing to rejoin the work, he said that he wouldprefer working one more year from home since the couple has a two-year-old son at home. Companies such as Deloitte, Arrow, Larsen &Toubro (L&T) have eased the norms for their employees tochoose the number of days of working from office from January 2022 onwards.Some companies are alsoconsidering giving options such as permanent work from home depending upon the project,department and designation of the employee.

Another IT employee, Divya Wadhwani, said that only certain departments such asoperations department might be required to report from the office given their nature of workproject. On rejoining work from office, Divya said that she would be comfortable to work from officetwo days a week as it maybe refreshing to meet colleagues in person.

"Our company has conducted multiple surveys over the course of three months on vaccination andwork from office preferences. As of now, it is under review as to which departments might have torejoin the work in the coming months," Divya said.

Archana Rao
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