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Warangal's IT scene gains momentum

The city has become a base for IT companies, fostering an ecosystem that nurtures innovation and entrepreneurial spirit

Warangals IT scene gains momentum

Photo courtesy: Hans India

Hyderabad: In the heart of Telangana, the city of Warangal is emerging as the second most important IT hub in Telangana after Hyderabad, witnessing a transformative wave in the realm of Information Technology (IT). Over the past few years, the city has become a base for IT companies, fostering an ecosystem that nurtures innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

What attracts these companies to Warangal?

The answer lies in the industrial and policy initiatives taken by the State Government. The investor friendly laws and policies have attracted many big-ticket companies into Telangana and Warangal is also benefiting from them. As a part of the vision of Telangana, the Government has also initiated GRID (Growth in Dispersion) and Rural development policies to disperse growth across Telangana. And to that effect IT centers at Warangal, Karimnagar, Khammam have been inaugurated.

According to Telangana government’s Socio-Economic Outlook 2023, the state’s Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) at current prices is Rs.13.27 lakh crore – a growth of 15.6% over the 2021- 22 value, as against the country’s GDP growth rate of 15.4%. And this growth is mostly driven by the services sector (62.8 per cent) followed by the manufacturing sector (19 per cent) and agriculture and allied sectors (18.2 per cent). Telangana accounts for 5% of India’s GDP.

Since 2014 the State’s per capita income has increased by 156 per cent. According to think-tanks the Telangana growth story has been propelled by the large industrial base it has had since bifurcation and the thriving education sector that supplies skilled manpower to IT and pharma sector that have immensely benefited from it.

The tier-1 and tier-2 cities have also benefited from the state government’s continuity in industrial policy. The TS-iPass and industrial policy unveiled in 2015, attracted many big ticket companies into the State. Warangal as a tier-2 city reaped its benefits.

Warangal's IT landscape has been evolving steadily, propelled by a mix of factors, including a conducive business environment, government initiatives, and a pool of skilled professionals. The city's strategic location and connectivity have also played a major role in attracting companies seeking to expand their operations beyond metropolitan areas.

The city's IT scene is enriched by the presence of LTI Mindtree, Genpact, HRH Next and Hexad Solutions.

These established entities, along with a burgeoning community of startups and SMEs, are introducing initiatives in AI, machine learning, IoT, and blockchain, catalyzing digital transformation across industries.

Warangal's infrastructural development has played a pivotal role in supporting these companies. Dedicated IT parks, incubation centers, and co-working spaces have provided a fertile ground for startups.

Government initiatives, including tax benefits, subsidies, and streamlined regulatory processes, have fostered a business-friendly environment. Collaboration between academia and industry, facilitated by the presence of academic institutions and research centers, fosters innovation and skill development.

The future outlook for IT companies in Warangal is promising. With a burgeoning talent pool and a supportive business environment, the city is poised to ascend as a front runner in the Indian IT ecosystem. This evolution not only drives regional development but also augurs well for global competitiveness, marking a significant chapter in Warangal's journey towards technological eminence.

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