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Premium Spirits drive Rock & Storm’s surge in Telangana

Barents and Big Boss dominate Telangana’s spirited market landscape

Premium Spirits drive Rock & Storm’s surge in Telangana

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Hyderabad: Rock & Storm Distilleries, a leading Indian alcoholic beverage company, has announced significant strides in its growth within Telangana since its introduction to the state in late 2021. Demonstrating a steadfast dedication to quality, the company successfully launched three distinct brands in the Telangana market: Barents Premium Whisky, Royal Ace Whisky, and Big Boss Brandy.

The company has disclosed a remarkable annual sales figure, boasting approximately 1,56,000 bottles, cementing its strong presence in the industry. Their bottling unit, exclusively dedicated to the brands, showcases extensive capacity, capable of producing an impressive 540,000 lakh litres per year.

Particularly noteworthy is the exceptional growth of Barents Premium Whisky and Big Boss Brandy within Telangana. Barents experienced a commendable 35% growth from the previous year, while Big Boss Brandy soared with an impressive 53 per cent growth rate in the state.

Telangana emerges as a pivotal market contributing significantly to Rock & Storm Distilleries' overall success, registering a year-on-year growth of 10 per cent until December 2023. Vinay Ratan Khare, the Director of Rock & Storm Distilleries, emphasized the crucial role Telangana plays as a key market for premium alcoholic beverages. He highlighted, "Telangana is a crucial market for us, and we are committed to crafting and delivering libations that match the desires of our valued customers. As Rock & Storm Distilleries continues to thrive, our commitment to delivering exceptional products and expanding our footprint remains unwavering."

In a bid to fuel further growth and expansion, Rock & Storm Distilleries has revealed plans to invest Rs. 100 crore over the next 3-4 years across the country. This strategic investment aims to fortify the company's market position and enhance its production capabilities. Additionally, the company anticipates a turnover of approximately Rs. 400 crores in the current fiscal year.

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