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Mana Yatri's affordable ride app launched

Mana Yatri is built by Juspay and belongs to the NammaYatri family of apps

Mana Yatris affordable ride app launched

Mana Yatri, Hyderabad's community-driven app for autos and cabs, was launched today at T-Hub Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Mana Yatri, Hyderabad's community-driven app for autos and cabs, was launched today at T-Hub Hyderabad. The launch event was attended by dignitaries from the Government, Drivers' Unions, and the Tech Ecosystem of Hyderabad. The app, a part of the ONDC Network and inspired by the success of NammaYatri in Bengaluru, is backed by the same company with support from T-Hub Hyderabad. Mana Yatri aims to revolutionize transportation in Hyderabad by empowering drivers and providing affordable and convenient transportation for the people of Hyderabad.

At the event, Mahankali Srinivas Rao (MSR), CEO of T-Hub, remarked, "It gives me pleasure to launch Mana Yatri in our city. This app is a testament to Hyderabad's spirit of innovation and the Government's commitment to empowering drivers while offering affordable transportation to people." Shaik Salauddin, Founder and State President of the Telangana Gig and Platform Workers Union (TGPWU), said, "We congratulate Mana Yatri for developing a direct-to-driver, open mobility platform to empower our community and offer fair pay and mutual respect. It will amplify welfare schemes for gig and platform workers." Madan Pillutla, Dean of ISB, appreciated Mana Yatri for being a role model in bringing Society, Government, and Business together and using technology to create population-scale, sustainable social impact.

Mana Yatri is built by Juspay and belongs to the NammaYatri family of apps, which today has 2.1+ lakh drivers, 50+ lakh customers, and has completed 2.7+ crore trips. Drivers have earned Rs 420+ crore commission-free. Mana Yatri brings the best of these apps and collaborates with T-Hub to customize it to the needs of Hyderabad. The app also offers an enhanced user experience for special zone pickups and aims to improve first and last-mile connectivity by integrating with public transport. Mr. Shan MS from Juspay commented, "Mana Yatri is not just an app but a community movement rooted in Hyderabad's rich local culture. By blending a people-first approach with high-tech innovation, we aim to redefine Hyderabad's mobility, making it more convenient, efficient, and reflective of our vibrant community."

ONDC's support for Mana Yatri underscores its commitment to fostering an ecosystem where small businesses and individual entrepreneurs can thrive without the constraints of traditional digital marketplaces. With the ONDC Network, Mana Yatri benefits from a broader technological infrastructure and a larger potential customer base, resulting in better earnings for the drivers. T Koshy, MD & CEO of ONDC, remarked, "Hyderabad's vibrant culture and tech-savvy population make it the perfect city for Mana Yatri. We are thrilled to support this local initiative that aligns with our vision of an open and inclusive digital economy. Mana Yatri on the ONDC Network exemplifies the power of open networks in transforming urban mobility."

Mana Yatri has already onboarded over 25,000 drivers in Hyderabad and aims to onboard 1 lakh drivers in the next three months. As Hyderabad’s local app, Mana Yatri is dedicated to empowering the city’s drivers with higher earnings, respect, and freedom. It is committed to deepening its integration with the city's transportation fabric to offer a seamless, efficient, and inclusive travel experience for citizens. Mana Yatri isn't just about connecting places; it's about connecting people, fostering community bonds, and driving toward a more sustainable and connected Hyderabad.

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