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Cashfree Payments launches India's first self-hosted payments orchestration platform 'FlowWise'

This platform helps Indian businesses by simplifying multi-payment usage through a unified integration, efficiently routing payments in real time to various partners

Cashfree Payments launches Indias first self-hosted payments orchestration platform FlowWise

Cashfree founders Reeju Datta, Akash Sinha

Photo Source Entrepreneur

Bengaluru: Cashfree Payments, known for its pioneering payment solutions, marks its entry into payment orchestration with the launch of 'FlowWise'. This platform empowers Indian businesses by simplifying multi-payment aggregator usage through a unified integration, efficiently routing payments in real-time to various partners.

Founded by IIIT Hyderabad alumnus Akash Sinha and IIT Kharagpur graduate Reeju Datta, is among the leading payment service providers in India processing transactions worth $40 billion annually. It has leveraged technology to lead payment disbursals in India with more than 50 per cent market share among payment processors. Cashfree Payments enables more than 3,00,000 businesses with payment collections, vendor payouts, wage payouts, bulk refunds, expense reimbursements, loyalty and rewards.

Cashfree Payments pioneers self-hosted payment orchestration, enhancing security and cost-effectiveness for merchants. The platform, a result of in-house innovation, embodies a unique 'self-hosted payments orchestration' concept, ensuring payment management directly on the merchant's infrastructure. This is India's first cloud-native orchestration platform, that aims to enhance success rates by up to 10 per cent and reduce processing costs by 40 per cent.

CEO Akash Sinha says "FlowWise will reshape payment processing for businesses, reducing costs and ensuring seamless experiences."

Akash Sinha, CEO and Co-founder of Cashfree Payments emphasizes how FlowWise aligns with their vision of creating fintech solutions that fortify businesses. This revolutionary platform promises a reduction in payment processing costs by up to 40%, accompanied by a frictionless checkout experience for merchants.

CTO Ramkumar Venkatesan highlights the cutting-edge AI and ML integration in FlowWise. He underscores the technology embedded in FlowWise. The platform boasts user-friendly, no-code orchestration, leveraging machine learning algorithms for robustness and security, operating within the merchant's infrastructure.

FlowWise revolutionizes payment management for businesses, and simplifies complex integrations, providing a plug-and-play, no-code experience for businesses struggling with multi-PG integration costs. Leveraging AI and Machine Learning, it dynamically selects the best payment gateway in real-time, ensuring optimal success rates.

The platform streamlines the entire payment process, ensuring real-time optimization and tailored solutions. With features like 'multi-armed bandit' classifiers, its founders say that it boosts success rates by up to 10 per cent by continuously testing gateways and adapting dynamically to changes in success rates and downtimes.

Cashfree Payments, with a stronghold in online payment aggregation and bulk disbursals, stands as a leader with over 50 per cent market share in India. Its collaboration with major banks and integrations with global platforms position it as a driving force in shaping a robust payments ecosystem.

The platform provides full-stack payment solutions enabling businesses in India to collect payments and make payouts via all available methods with simple integration. Its offerings include an advanced and easy way to integrate payment gateways, a split payment solution for marketplaces, bank account verification API, lending disbursals solution and auto collect -- a virtual account solution to match inbound payments to customers.

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