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ASUS strengthens presence in Hyd, India with new Select Store concept

Shop for refurbished laptops at Hyderabad's New ASUS Select store

ASUS strengthens presence in Hyd, India with new Select Store concept

Hyderabad: ASUS India, a prominent PC brand, announced the opening of its 4th Select Store in Hyderabad, marking the city's first venture into refurbished products retail.

The store, spanning 315 sq. ft., will offer discounted refurbished laptops with a 1-year ASUS warranty, alongside a range of electronics and computer hardware, including flagship products like Vivobook, Zenbook, Republic of Gamers (ROG) laptops, Gaming Desktops, All-in-One Desktops, and accessories.

The ASUS Select Store concept aims to contribute to India's circular e-waste economy by rigorously inspecting and certifying refurbished products to meet brand-new standards.

Arnold Su, Vice President-Gaming and Consumer Segment ASUS India, highlighted the company's commitment to sustainable technology choices, citing growing customer interest in refurbished laptops. He said, "In our endeavour to empower the country with sustainable technology choices, we are proud to be announcing the launch of our 4th refurbished products store in the city of Hyderabad. As strong advocates of sustainability and having recorded exemplary responses from customers from our last three ASUS Select Store, we believe this is the right step to take, simultaneously fortifying our retail network. With a growing number of individuals choosing refurbished laptops in the city, we aim to provide a platform that offers thoroughly examined products, ensuring customers access premium-quality laptops and PCs.”

With existing ASUS Select Stores in Kolkata, Delhi, and Mumbai, Hyderabad now joins the roster alongside 4 ASUS Exclusive Stores catering to a broad audience seeking ASUS products.

ASUS prioritizes sustainability in its operations, aiming for a global recycling rate of 20 per cent for its products. The introduction of the ASUS Select Store aligns with this commitment, as the company integrates environmentally conscious initiatives into its operations, including reducing carbon emissions and collaborating with recycling companies for responsible electronic waste disposal.

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