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People shy away from lockdowns amid Covid 3.0 fears

Suggest preparedness for 3rd wave; Medicines and oxygen concentrators top priorities

People shy away from lockdowns amid Covid 3.0 fears

People shy away from lockdowns amid Covid 3.0 fears 

With health reports and experts suggesting possibilities of third wave of Covid-19 pandemic later this month, people are bracing themselves for the same with some hoping for a nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of the deadly virus, incase of an outbreak. BizzBuzz conducted online survey to know the preparation people might consider taking ahead of the projected third wave, with most respondents stating that stocking up Covid-19 medicines and oxygen concentrators would be their top priorities. As many as 50 respondents were surveyed from the States of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Assam, Delhi NCR, Andhra Pradesh, Kashmir and Punjab.

According to the survey, 31.6 percent of the participants believe that the third wave might be more severe than the previous one which hit the country in month of April and May whereas 40 percent of people stated that they don't estimate the coming surge to be life threatening or catastrophic.

The survey also indicates to the fact that the respondents, mostly ranging between the age of 25-35 age group, have received both doses of vaccination of either Covishield or Covaxxin.2 percent of the vaccinated respondents above the age group of 44 remain partially vaccinated.

"Following Covid appropriate behaviour along with vaccination can help create a smaller wave. But the third wave is imminent," one of the participants stated.

When questioned on the precautions one might consider taking before the onset of third wave, 25 percent of the respondents stated that they would stock-in Covid-19 medications such as FabiFlu, Medrol, Vitamin C, Zinc and Dolo-650 before hand. 12 percent of the participants said they would procure oxygen concentrators whereas nine percent said they would stock oxygen cylinders. The remaining 54 percent said they would keep in PPE kits, gloves, masks, sanitizers, oximeter,spirometry handy.

Surprisingly, 31.6 percent of individuals said they would prefer a nationwide lockdown whereas other 31.6 percent said they would prefer a statewise lockdown, in case of an outbreak of Covid-19.

Only 1.6 percent of the individuals were in favor of no lockdown. With many participants calling for Covid appropriate behaviour, many have also suggested that the government and health institution too need to be better prepared ahead of the projected surge in cases.

"There should be better and organised allocation and availability of resort instead of blame game or zero resources unlike last time. The authorities should by now be fully prepared and rather be prepared for more than the estimated damages or situations unthought this time," one of the respondents said.

As on Sunday, India has recorded more than 39,000 cases of coronavirus disease amid concerns of rise in trajectory of fresh infections with a cumulative infection closer to 32 million.

Archana Rao
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