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India's fitness market poised for robust growth on rising incomes, increasing health awareness

As the economy grows and urbanisation accelerates, more people are prioritising health and fitness, says MultiFit Director Deepti Sharma

Deepti Sharma, Director, MultiFit

Deepti Sharma, Director, MultiFit

The fitness industry in India has experienced a significant evolution over the past decade, mirroring global trends but also reflecting unique cultural influences and market dynamics. As India's economy has grown and urbanisation has accelerated, there has been a noticeable shift in lifestyle patterns, with more people prioritising health and fitness. This trend has fuelled the expansion of the fitness market, encompassing a diverse range of offerings from traditional gyms to boutique studios, wellness retreats, and online platforms.

The Lexicon Group's MultiFit, conceived in the UK in July 2015 with the aim of evolving as a community of fitness enthusiasts that are focused on embracing and propagating the culture of fitness to one and all, has rapidly spread its footprint across UK, India and the UAE. MultiFit is India’s largest and happiest strength and functional training brand. It stands apart from regular gyms by breaking the monotony of repetitive workouts. Their workouts are made both enjoyable and effective for every individual, where they endeavour to create the perfect balance between mind and make fitness a lifestyle choice.

India's fitness market is expanding rapidly feels, Deepti Sharma, Director, a fitness assessment and evaluation specialist and a certified personal trainer, functional fitness coach,

In an exclusive interview to Bizz Buzz, she said India's fitness penetration is poised for robust growth, driven by several factors including rising disposable incomes, increasing health awareness, and the proliferation of digital fitness solutions. While precise projections vary, industry analysts anticipate a double-digit percentage increase in fitness penetration in the coming years. This growth trajectory is supported by changing consumer preferences, with more individuals recognising the importance of regular exercise and overall well-being

Post-Covid-19 the traditional gym industry has seen a drastic change. How and what strategic implementation made the competition intact?

The Covid-19 pandemic served as a catalyst for transformation in the gym industry, prompting operators to innovate and adapt to new challenges. MultiFit, like many others, swiftly responded by implementing strategic measures to ensure business continuity while prioritising member safety. In addition to virtual training options and enhanced sanitation protocols, MultiFit focused on fostering a sense of community through online forums and social media engagement. These strategic initiatives not only helped retain existing members but also attracted new clientele seeking flexible and safe fitness solutions.

How holistic well-being is taken care of by the gym industry?

While traditional gyms primarily focused on physical fitness, the modern gym industry has evolved to prioritise holistic well-being. MultiFit's approach exemplifies this shift, offering a comprehensive suite of services that address not only physical training but also nutrition, mental wellness, and community support. By recognising the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, MultiFit empowers members to achieve a more balanced and sustainable approach to health and fitness.

What category of audiences are leading the charge in demand for gym fitness?

The demand for gym fitness in India is driven by a diverse demographic, including young professionals, urban millennials, and fitness enthusiasts from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. These individuals seek more than just a place to exercise; they crave personalised experiences, technological integration, and holistic wellness offerings. MultiFit's ability to cater to these evolving preferences positions it as a leader in the industry, capturing the loyalty of its target audience through tailored solutions and exceptional service.

Share the business DNA of MultiFit.

MultiFit's success is rooted in its distinctive business DNA, characterised by innovation, inclusivity, and customer-centricity. By continuously pushing the boundaries of conventional fitness offerings, MultiFit stays ahead of the curve, introducing new programs, classes, and technologies to enrich the member experience. Additionally, MultiFit fosters a culture of inclusivity, welcoming individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels into its supportive community. This commitment to diversity and accessibility sets MultiFit apart, making it a preferred choice for those seeking a welcoming and inclusive fitness environment.

The fitness industry is still a very unorganised market. Where and how do you position MultiFit?

In an industry marked by fragmentation and inconsistency, MultiFit distinguishes itself through its structured approach, standardised quality, and unwavering commitment to excellence. By positioning itself as a premium yet accessible fitness destination, MultiFit appeals to discerning consumers who value reliability, professionalism, and results. Through strategic branding and marketing efforts, MultiFit communicates its unique value proposition, resonating with target audiences and establishing a strong foothold in the competitive landscape

What are your expansion plans? Any potential market area in India that is still untouched.

MultiFit's expansion strategy is multifaceted, encompassing both geographical expansion and market diversification. While metropolitan cities remain primary targets for growth, MultiFit also recognises the potential in emerging urban centers and Tier 2/Tier 3 cities. These underserved markets present untapped opportunities for MultiFit to establish its presence, leveraging its proven business model and brand reputation to capture market share. Through meticulous market research and strategic partnerships, MultiFit identifies promising locations and tailors its offerings to meet local demand, ensuring sustainable growth and market leadership.

Share your suggestions on the Indian fitness industry and for those who want to enter this market as an entrepreneur.

Entering the Indian fitness industry as an entrepreneur requires careful planning, strategic foresight, and a deep understanding of market dynamics. To succeed in this competitive landscape, entrepreneurs must differentiate themselves by offering unique value propositions, whether through innovative services, specialised expertise, or distinctive branding. Additionally, building strong relationships with customers and fostering a sense of community can enhance brand loyalty and drive long-term success. Embracing technology and digital marketing strategies is also essential for reaching and engaging today's tech-savvy consumers. Finally staying agile and adaptable in response to evolving market trends and consumer preferences is critical for sustained growth and relevance in the dynamic Indian fitness industry.

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