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EarthtronEV: Sparking a green revolution on India’s highways

Over next 5 years, EarthtronEV aims at installing over 500 charging stations on major highways

Ashish Deswal, founder, EarthtronEV

Ashish Deswal, founder, EarthtronEV

It certainly is a ‘Smart Green Investment’ for future sustainable returns. And with this in view, this fledgling company aims at connecting India’s cities by electrifying highways for electric vehicles. Developed countries have started replacing their petrol and diesel-based vehicles with electronic ones. It’s a revolutionary step that every country will adopt sooner or later as per our environmental needs. And the day is not far when India will set a benchmark by replacing all the fuel-based vehicles with EVs as it’s a need of today’s world. At this outset, EarthtronEV understands the need and importance of EV charging stations in the near future.

Speaking to Bizz Buzz exclusively, Ashish Deswal, the young, dynamic founder of EarthtronEV is planning to reduce India's carbon footprint and make electric vehicle charging accessible to everyone sooner than later

How did your entrepreneurial journey start?

You can say that I am a technically trained engineer-turned-entrepreneur. After completing my studies, I started this professional journey at VVDN Technologies. Subsequently, in 2011, I started my electronics manufacturing unit with a specialization in Internet of Things (IoT) and other electronic devices. As the founder and CEO of the Electronics Manufacturing Unit from 2011 to 2015, I could successfully hone in my entrepreneurial skills in setting up and directing the company's operations. As mentioned, my area of specialization in Internet of Things (IoT) and other electronic equipment catered to the requirements of diverse industries and proved to be the key success factor for the company's growth. In 2015, I merged the company with Yepzon Oy, a Finnish technology firm, to establish a joint venture. I had been the Director and CEO at Yepzon India since January 2017 to 2021, during which, I played a key role in driving the company's growth and expansion in the Indian market. Then I embarked on a new entrepreneurial venture in the field of electric vehicles. With rich expertise in technology and business, my aim is to develop sustainable electric vehicle solutions and create a better future for the planet.

Why suddenly, this segment?

As an entrepreneur, I have always been on the lookout for new challenges and opportunities to innovate. With a growing global move towards sustainability (and India is no exception) and EV being part of this new move, I thought of taking up this challenge and set out on this new journey. In late 2021, I started my new venture in the clean mobility space and established Earthtron EV. We are dedicated to transforming the EV market by connecting cities with electric vehicles by installing charging stations on major highways across India. I have always had a passion for sustainability. Driven by the increasing demand for electric vehicles, I recognized the crucial need for a comprehensive charging infrastructure and established Earthtron in Faridabad, just an hour's drive from the national capital.

What was the purpose of foraying into this space?

The purpose was to provide eco-friendly solutions to combat climate change and establish India as a key player in the electric mobility domain. Earthtron strives to promote clean energy usage, create pollution-free cities, and foster a society that no longer depends on fossil fuels.

And what was the mission like?

Earthtron's mission is not only to make electric vehicle charging accessible but also to educate individuals on the importance of sustainable energy practices. We are striving and would always strive to create awareness about the benefits of electric vehicles and their contribution to a cleaner, healthier planet.

How has been the journey so far?

As a company, Earthtron has always been committed to creating a hassle-free service and installing fast EV charging stations along most northern highways. At the core of our leadership's motivation is promoting green energy and making India a model of sustainability for the World. Our dedication to sustainability is evident in our efforts to reduce India's carbon footprint and make electric vehicle charging accessible to everyone. With a team of experts leveraging cutting-edge technology, the company is revolutionizing the EV market by creating a comprehensive charging infrastructure. Earthtron is among the few electric charging companies in India's EV landscape, with fuelling stations already established at residential and office buildings and a fleet of commercial markets across the Delhi-NCR region. We are already present at the following locations: Omaxe Sohna Road, MK Garden Chhatarapur, Faridabad Huda market, Noida EXPO Centre Sector 62, Noida Haat, Haldiram's Kosi Kalan, Burger King Mathura Road- Vrindavan, Mannat Haveli Rohtak, Murthal & Kurukshetra, Fouji Dhaba Sampla and many other places at Dehradun, Shimla, Panipat, Ghaziabad etc.

What are your priorities now?

At Earthtron, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. We relentlessly strive to provide a seamless charging experience by ensuring all their charging stations are well-maintained, and customers have access to their customer service team 24/7. The company's charging stations are equipped with advanced technology, including mobile payment options, making the process quick and convenient. Earthtron EV works with industry experts to create a sustainable and efficient charging infrastructure that meets the ever-increasing demand for electric vehicles. Our team comprises professionals with extensive experience in electrical engineering, energy management, and infrastructure development.

You must have drawn up your future plans? So, what next?

Earthtron's vision for the future is ambitious yet achievable. Over the next five years, the company aims to achieve 20 per cent of the total highway charging infrastructure turnover and we have total 100 existing charging stations and planning to install over 500 charging stations by December 2024. The organization plans to cover all highways and install charging stations on major highways like Delhi-Agra, Delhi-Chandigarh, and Delhi-Jaipur and cities like Delhi, Faridabad, Noida, Gurgaon. Furthermore, Earthtron is committed to installing at least 1000 charging stations and 5000 chargers by 2028, interlinking all states and creating a green India.

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