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AI is changing the way we monitor and protect our communities, says Vehant Tech Co-founder

Vehant is catering to the national premises security and traffic enforcement of Airport Authority of India, Telangana Secretariat and Chennai Airport

Anoop Prabhu, Co-founder, CTO, Vehant Technologies

Anoop Prabhu, Co-founder, CTO, Vehant Technologies

AI and deep learning based premise security and traffic enforcement solutions, exceedingly stringent detection requirements while achieving high detection and very low false alarm rates will result in complex and costly inspection systems that would, therefore, be less likely to be deployed. Here comes Vehant Technologies, a home-grown technology firm, specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI-ML)-based image processing. Incubated at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Delhi in 2005, Vehant Technologies is a pioneer in AI-ML-based physical security, surveillance and traffic monitoring and junction enforcement solutions. It has solutions designed and developed in India and manufactured in India and Europe to meet global standards, features and quality. Vehant is catering to the national premises security and traffic enforcement of Airport Authority of India, Telangana Secretariat and Chennai Airport. In an exclusive interview to Bizz Buzz, Anoop Prabhu, Co-founder and CTO of Vehant Technologies, explains about his exciting journey in the tech-driven world

Please tell us about your journey?

As a self-sustained entity, Vehant proudly stands as India's sole provider of end-to-end solutions that conform to global standards, encompassing features and quality. Our journey commenced during a time when India was predominantly reliant on importing security and surveillance equipment. Despite the absence of supportive government policies, we emerged as pioneers, fostering homegrown expertise in this specialized technology domain, and have now attained the largest market share in the country in this sector. All these technology driven innovations have given a push in the establishment of an ecosystem of ancillary industry around Vehant's manufacturing units. Development of niche technologies is driving the need for more and more talented minds, leading to onboarding of personnel with strengths in their core area.

How do your solutions, designed and manufactured, align with global standards and quality expectations?

Our security solutions are indigenously designed and developed in India by Vehant. Our advanced AI-based video analytics solutions are highly competitive and technologically progressive. In order to assure their efficiency, dependability, and safety in a variety of security applications, Vehant’s solutions are designed and produced with a significant emphasis on adhering to worldwide standards and quality requirements. Vehant devotes a lot of resources to research, development, testing, and certification in order to meet these requirements and offer goods that satisfy our clients' security requirements on a global level.

Tell us more about the advanced features and capabilities of the recently installed security systems at the Telangana Secretariat.

Vehant deployed security screening solutions like under-vehicle and baggage scanning systems at the Telangana Secretariat. The baggage scanning solutions are technologically advanced in generating images with an isometric view, and the vehicle scanning systems are efficient in applying AI-ML based image processing techniques (3D-vision technology) to detect contraband and other suspicious items.

The company has recently deployed physical security screening products at various locations in Telangana. These include the Telangana High Court, the National Remote Sensing Centre, the real estate project of My Home Twitza Constructions (UVSS), T Hub Logistics, Bharat Dynamic Limited (BDL), and many others. A few of the projects currently undertaken for deploying physical security screening solutions and software solutions include Aparna Club (XBS/Temp screening system), NPCI, Telangana Police Headquarters (TPHQ), and another deployment at BDL. Red light violation detection, and speed violation detection aystems are deployed at various traffic junctions and at the Cyberabad Police Commissionerate.

Which specific products have you installed at Visakhapatnam Airport?

Vehant bagged an order of Rs 90 crore from the Airport Authority of India for developing and deploying baggage scanning systems at multiple airports. Advanced X-ray baggage scanning systems are installed at Visakhapatnam airport as part of the order. The company has installed a Kritiscan 100100 DV, a dual-view X-ray scanner for scanning registered baggage, and a Kritiscan 6040 DV for hand baggage at the Visakhapatnam airport.

What is the current status of AI & ML learning in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh?

Both the Telugu speaking States like many other regions globally, are among the few cities that are exploring and implementing various applications of AI & ML in security screening solutions to enhance security measures. These applications include: Baggage Scanning. AI improves the accuracy of baggage scanners by identifying potential threats more effectively. These systems reduce false positives and enhance overall security while expediting the screening process. Video Analytics is another area where AI and ML are used to analyse video streams received from security cameras installed at locations such as airports, transportation hubs, and government buildings. These systems detect traffic congestion, traffic violations, and incidents to assist security personnel in enforcing traffic rules in cities and highways throughout the state. The analysis also helps the personnel with traffic monitoring at junctions and in sensitive areas of the city.

What have been the major accomplishments of which you are particularly proud?

The order obtained in 2023 from the Airport Authority of India is one of the ground-breaking accords. The company was given a Rs 90-crore order to install X-ray baggage scanners at 70 Indian airports. In order to meet the deadline and broaden the scope of delivery and service to both new and existing customers, Vehant also received a similar contract to supply explosive trace detectors to airports, and we are proud to deliver the order on time.

With the rapid advancements in technology, how does Vehant Technologies stay ahead in terms of research and development?

With a full-scale research and development laboratory running at the corporate office of the company, headed by research scientists from prestigious Indian institutions, Vehant has built solutions made in India that are highly optimised and very cost-effective as compared to foreign technologies available in the market. The company provides efficient services for the deployed solutions. The research and development laboratory at Vehant continuously works to enhance its entire product line with advanced AI-ML-based techniques.

As we know, your physical security, surveillance, and traffic monitoring solutions have made a significant impact in terms of saving lives and country across countries. Can you give some real-world scenarios here?

Vehant Technologies has had a significant real-world impact across various countries, with our physical security, surveillance, and traffic monitoring solutions making communities safer. Our X-Ray baggage scanning and under-vehicle scanning systems at airports have detected concealed threats, ensuring the safety of premises and air travellers. In urban centers, our surveillance solutions have identified and prevented suspicious activities in public transportation hubs, enhancing commuter safety. Vehant's TrafficMon systems have improved traffic flow, reducing accidents and promoting road safety. Our ANPR technology contributes to organized urban environments in smart cities. The law enforcement authorities benefit from our real-time video analytics, aiding in violation detection and public safety maintenance. In all these scenarios, Vehant Technologies's innovative solutions have played a vital role in saving lives and enhancing security across nations.

In your experience, what are some of the most significant challenges faced by the physical security and surveillance industry today, and how is Vehant Technologies working to overcome them?

The physical security and surveillance industry confronts privacy concerns, adapting to evolving technology, ensuring regulatory compliance, public safety, and addressing the increasing complexity of security threats from contraband in the interconnected world. Vehant has adapted the evolving technology of AI, ML, and CV into physical security products to facilitate security against breaches. To adapt to technological advancements, ongoing research and development efforts are prioritised at Vehant. Vehant develops advanced video analytics solutions to address evolving security threats, offering comprehensive, real-time threat detection capabilities for their baggage and vehicle scanning solutions, further enhancing overall security.

What is the vision for Vehant Technologies in the area of traffic enforcement solutions in the coming years?

In the coming years, traffic enforcement solutions will undergo a transformative evolution. Advanced AI and ML algorithms will enable real-time, automated detection of traffic violations, enhancing road safety. Smart cameras and sensors will communicate seamlessly with autonomous vehicles, facilitating safer and more efficient traffic flow. Video analytics will anticipate traffic congestion, enabling proactive management. Additionally, sustainability will be a focus, with solutions promoting eco-friendly transportation and reducing emissions. Integration with smart city initiatives will create holistic, data-driven traffic management ecosystems, delivering safer, cleaner, and more efficient urban mobility experiences for all.

What sets Vehant Technologies apart from its competitors in the industry?

Vehant’s video analytics solutions hold the edge over our competitors as the software applications can be easily customised, and run on highly efficient operating systems. Our advanced AI-based video analytics platform is compatible with legacy systems and can be seamlessly integrated with the existing systems of our clients. Unlike the solutions offered by our competitors, various versions of our under-vehicle and baggage scanning systems are technologically advanced in generating images (isometric view) and applying AI-ML-based image processing techniques (3D-vision technology) to detect contraband.

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