Cong will come to power in TS: Peoples Pulse exit poll

Update: 2023-12-02 04:00 GMT

Hyderabad: Opposition party Congress will be victorious in Telangana Assembly Elections 2023, with an expected seat range of 62-72 and a corresponding vote share of 42.7 per cent, according to the exit poll carried by People’s Pulse in association with media house South First.

In this analysis, ruling Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) is projected to secure the second position with an expected seat range of 35-46 and a corresponding vote share of 37.8 per cent. The BJP is expected to secure 3-8 seats from a vote share of 13.2 per cent and AIMIM, 6-7 seats with 2.5 per cent vote share, says the report.

After the formation of the State of Telangana, this is the third assembly elections. At a time when there is a campaign that there is no opposition for BRS in the State and the Congress will not come again, the situation before the elections has suddenly changed, and there are chances that BRS’ hopes of a hat-trick victory shall be washed away.

According to the exit poll, voters said that they gave BRS a chance twice, now they want change. The ire against the government helped the Congress more than its manifesto with six guaranteed schemes.

Peoples Pulse said that anti-incumbency factory against BRS kicked in soon after 2018 elections in which the ruling party secured massive victory. In the 2018 elections, BRS won 88 seats with 46.9 per cent votes and Congress won 19 seats with 28.4 per cent votes. However, people did not like BRS admitting MLAs from Opposition even after getting a huge majority in the Assembly polls.

Furthermore, BRS gave tickets to most of the sitting MLAs two months in advance though there was anti-incumbency wave against 40 of them. This overconfidence is going to cost BRS dearly in the elections, it added.

The survey also revealed that Dalit Bandhu and free 2BHK schemes turned counterproductive as only a handful of people benefited from these schemes.


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