Emerging dating scam in Bengaluru - Leveraging AI to woo women

A Reddit user's Bengaluru date took an unexpected turn when AI-enhanced charm clashed with real-life awkwardness, sparking reactions and raising questions.

Update: 2024-05-01 10:49 GMT

Emerging dating scam in Bengaluru - Leveraging AI to woo women

A Reddit user known as ‘hustlegurrl’ recently shared her dating experience from Bengaluru, shedding light on a concerning trend: being ‘AI'd’ on a date. This dating scam involves individuals using AI to enhance their online persona, leading to discrepancies between their digital and real-life personalities.

Excitedly anticipating her date, she believed she had found someone witty and engaging online. However, upon meeting in person, she discovered a stark difference. His in-person demeanour lacked the charm and wit she had admired online, leaving her puzzled. This mismatch highlights the complexities of modern online dating.

During their date, conversation turned to Bengaluru's active startup and AI scene. Here, her date proudly discussed his expertise in AI and even confessed to using AI tools to enhance their previous conversations with the intent of impressing girls.

This confession was a shock to her, as it revealed that the engaging and charming messages she had received were not genuine but rather crafted by AI. This discovery left her feeling disappointed and wondering if this was a common practice in Bengaluru's dating scene.

The Reddit post garnered reactions from other users, with some finding humour in the situation. Jokes were made about the evolving role of AI in dating, and questions were raised about the authenticity of online interactions.


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