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Hyderabad police enforce stringent measures ahead of election results

Hyderabad: As the clock ticks closer to the announcement of the Lok Sabha election results on Tuesday, June 4, the city of Hyderabad braces for a tense day.

Hyderabad police enforce stringent measures ahead of election results

Hyderabad Police Implement Strict Measures Ahead of Election Results

With anticipation looming heavily over the city, the police have stepped up to ensure order and safety during this critical period.

The City Police Commissioner, K. Sreenivasa Reddy, has issued stringent measures. From 6 am on June 4 to 6 am on June 5, the sale of liquor at various establishments, including toddy compounds, wine shops, bars, star hotels, restaurants, and registered clubs across the city, will be strictly prohibited.

Commissioner Reddy emphasized that strict action will be taken against those found violating this directive.

Moreover, to maintain public safety and order, the Hyderabad Police have also imposed a ban on the bursting of firecrackers in public places during this period.

Commissioner Reddy's order specifies that the bursting of fireworks or crackers on roads and in public areas is strictly prohibited.

According to the police department’s press release, the following activities are also prohibited on the counting day:

1.Gathering of five or more persons and any kind of processions within a radius of 200 meters from the counting center premises.

2.Carrying of sticks or any other weapons within a one-kilometer radius from the counting center.

3.Erection of temporary structures on thoroughfares and public places.

4.Use of mikes/public address systems, music, singing, speeches, or broadcasting through speakers. Collection and carrying of stones and other means of casting missiles.

5.Making speeches, gestures, or mimetic representations, exhibitions, or dissemination of pictures, symbols, placards, or any other thing that is likely to create religious animosity or hatred between different communities or individuals or is likely to bring about the commission of an offense or disturbance to or contempt of the law or of a lawful authority.

Vineela Sekhar
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