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Manyavar unveils new collection and campaign film

The company has roped in tollywood actor Ram Charan as the brand's ambassador for its new collection

Manyavar unveils new collection and campaign film

Hyderabad: Vedant Fashion Ltd., a renowned company with various ethnic wear brands under its ambit has introduced veshti and panchakacham to the wedding collection of Manyavar, one of its brands specializing in men’s wedding and celebration wear. The company has roped in tollywood actor Ram Charan as the brand's ambassador for its new collection. Manyavar has also unveiled a campaign film under the banner of #TaiyaarHokarAiye. This film showcases brand ambassador Ram Charan, dressed in panchakacham for his wedding ceremony alongside actress Sobhita Dhulipala. With this collection the company aims to foray and expand its presence in south India.

Ram Charan, said: “Speaking from the heart, the Vivaham collection embodies the essence of south-Indian heritage and grace, resonating with the immense cultural significance woven into its fabric. I have profound admiration for Manyavar and coming together for their campaigns I thoroughly relish. It holds great personal significance for me. This is a tribute to our cherished traditions, the artistry behind it, and the everlasting charm of south-Indian attire.”

Vedant Modi, chief revenue officer, Vedant Fashions Ltd.,said: “Introducing the panchakacham and veshti into Manyavar's esteemed collection signifies our strategic expansion into the vibrant South Indian market. This collaboration with Ram Charan, a revered figure in the region, is a testament to our commitment to authentically embrace the cultural richness of South India. By offering attire specific to South India and partnering with a beloved personality like Ram Charan, we aim to establish a deeper connection with the discerning customers of the South.”

Vedant added: “This strategic move not only allows us to cater to their unique preferences but also reinforces our brand's dedication to diversity and inclusivity. We believe this initiative will catalyze our growth, fostering stronger relationships within the South market while further solidifying Manyavar's position as a brand that celebrates and respects the cultural nuances of every region it serves.”

Shreyansh Baid, founder and director, Shreyansh innovations who conceptualized and executed the campaign, said: “Manyavar and taiyaari go hand in hand. For years together now, the brand has built the significance of being wedding-ready, through unique stories around 'Taiyaar Hokar Aaiye'. With the brand's second collaboration with superstar Ramcharan, we have taken forward the proposition of taiyaari from beyond just one's physical attire, to being ready emotionally and mentally too. The film shows a unique banter of thoughts between the bride and the groom as they go through their wedding rituals. As the film progresses, touching upon uncertainties that one goes through while entering into a bond such as marriage, Ramcharan assures himself and his bride that he is truly taiyaar for this new life.”

The collaboration with Ram Charan and Sobhita resonates with Manyavar's commitment to bridging heritage and modernity. The film playfully depicts a delightful exchange between the Manyavar couple, poised to embark the new journey. A dialogue aimed at ensuring complete clarity and fostering a relationship filled with love, free from any lingering doubts.The launch of the collection exudes meticulous craftsmanship and an understanding of South Indian aesthetics, offering patrons a perfect blend of sophistication and cultural richness. This moment marks Manyavar's entry into the cultural fabric of South India, promising a harmonious symphony of tradition, style, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

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