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GatewAI unveils AI-powered solutions for innovation hubs

GatewAI unveils AI-powered solutions for innovation hubs

GatewAI, a pioneering tech-enabled service solution startup, has officially launched AI-powered solutions to setup talent, technology and innovation hubs in India for large corporates, MNCs and global startups.

In a press release, the company said its transformative offerings are aimed at catalyzing innovation by fostering collaborative ecosystems that empower MNCs to thrive in India’s dynamic market landscape. The India GCC market, commanding a remarkable $46 billion valuation, is fueled by a talent pool exceeding 1.66 million skilled professionals. Distributed across the country, there are over 1620 GCCs in metros and overall 1800 across tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 cities in India, showcasing the nation’s vibrant ecosystem.

Founded by industry veterans Ankur Goel (Founder & CEO) and Suchita Vishnoi (Co-founder & CMO), with Varun Mahajan as the CDO, GatewAI is a dynamic, reliable and cost-efficient partner for global MNCs.

“India is rapidly emerging as a global innovation hub, and we identified an opportunity to create a purpose-built solution to help MNCs seamlessly tap into this market’s immense potential,” said Ankur Goel, Founder and CEO, GatewAI. “With our AI-first approach, GatewAI can swiftly establish capability centers for clients, minimising time to market and optimising operational costs. GatewAI emerges from a nearly two decades-long, rich legacy at Neerinfo, where we delivered exceptional IT/ITES talent to tier 1 global companies. Our mission is to facilitate seamless entry for sustainable growth of MNCs planning to set up global capability centers or innovation hubs in India by leveraging the country’s vibrant service ecosystem, top talent, and business-friendly policies.”

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